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Dance Your Medicine 2020

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Spend 5 days and 4 nights in empowered, expressive relationship with your body, music, nature and intimate community. Relax into the beautiful jungle ocean oasis of Playa Dominical and the Danyasa Retreat, specifically designed to support your growth and learning.

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Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training: Chakra Fusion, Module 2

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Prerequisite: For students who have completed Module 1. Module 2 brings together everything you’ve learned so far. After a period of at-home practice following Module 1, return with confidence to lead Let Your Yoga Dance® classes for your peers. Offered in an atmosphere of compassion, kindness, and no competition, this training includes In-depth mentoring, skill-building, and [...]

Celebrate Life Retreat: Embodying Grace and Gratitude with Megha

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Recharge and Renew! Gently move your yoga, play, meditate, relax, and dance your yoga in Megha’s beautiful home studio in the beautiful Berkshires. Enjoy a weekend of user-friendly gentle yoga, qigong on the lawn, Let Your Yoga Dance, moving meditation, relaxation, and sharing with wonderful new friends! All levels welcome! Go home feeling completely refreshed! [...]

Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training: Chakra Fusion, Module 1

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For all levels, including beginners. If you can take a brisk walk, have a fair amount of energy, and are ready to experience the dance of your own creativity, give yourself this gift of a lifetime. Far more than instruction to become a Let Your Yoga Dance® teacher, this training also invites you to explore all [...]

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Chamonix Yoga Festival

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Chamonix Yoga Festival presents 3-days of globally-recognized yoga teachers and wellness practitioners sharing their passion of a path to well-being. Yoga is a Sanskrit word of Hindu origin which translates to 'Union'. Of course it usually would be interpreted as being in a state of union in which our physical and mental being are aligned, unified, [...]

Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator Training with Jamie Marich

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Mindfulness is the practice of noticing without judgment and returning to the present moment. Dancing Mindfulness is a practice and approach to expressive arts therapy developed by clinical counselor and trauma specialist Dr. Jamie Marich. Dance is the primary avenue through which we access and cultivate mindful awareness. Dancing Mindfulness classes can be any length, and [...]

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Christian Allaire Yoga: Costa Rica Retreat

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Join Christian Allaire for an international retreat at Danyasa Yoga Retreat and Ecolodge in Dominical, Costa Rica. Dominical, Costa Rica, is considered the most bio-diverse place on Earth by the National Geographic Society and the United Nations. During your 7 day, 6 night getaway in Costa Rica, prepare to EXPERIENCE life in the jungle at the [...]

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Introduction to Yoga and Meditation with Megha at Kripalu Center

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Do you want to try yoga and meditation but don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for a safe and welcoming environment in which to explore the basics? Kripalu master teacher-trainer Megha (Nancy Buttenheim) has created an accessible weekend immersion that offers the practical skills you need to make yoga and meditation part of your [...]

Advanced Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training event: How to Lead Let Your Yoga Dance Workshops

2019-01-16T04:56:50-04:00January 16th, 2019|Categories: , |Tags: , , |

Time: Thursday, May 2 (eve) Sunday, May 5, (noon) This will be a tribe reunion, combining great fun and exploration into the art of taking a Let Your Yoga Dance class and turning it into a workshop of 2 hours to three days! Advanced Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training event: How to Lead Let Your [...]

Song of the Sea Retreat: An Embodied Passover Journey

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The Exodus is not only a story but a journey of the soul. Throughout our week together at Song of the Sea Retreat, we’ll experience the stages of the liberation journey, discovering them through movement, ritual, chant and dramatic play. We’ll consider how we’ve been enslaved, what we are leaving behind, what miracles accompany us on [...]

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Inlet Yoga’s “Honor Your Place in Nature” Retreat

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Join Inlet Yoga for a Yoga Retreat and Adventure in Dominical, Costa Rica in April 2019 Dates: April 7th – 14th 2019 We are super excited to announce our first ever Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica in April 2019 being led by our very own Carrie Godesky and Jennifer Vafakos! A retreat specially designed to honor [...]

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Connect with nature, joy, and community at The Good Move Retreat; a 6 day dance, yoga, pilates and surf retreat on the Costa Rican seaside. Jules Bakshi brings body-positive dance and pilates classes and mindful eating workshops, and Emily Giovine guides creative, alignment-based vinyasa and restorative yoga classes, and centering daily meditations. In addition to movement [...]


#5 – Wren LaFeet: Creator of Cocréa™

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Partner dancing improvisational maestro Wren LaFeet tells us how it all got started and where it's going. Subscribe to the Conscious Dancer Podcast on iTunes

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