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Monday Love to your Cultural Connections and plan ahead for Moving Arts Lab 2019 at Earthdance!

July 9th, 2019|

"The role of culture is that it's the form through which we as a society reflect on who we are, where we've been, where we hope to be." "~ Wendell Pierce" What [...]

Monday Love to your Power of Positivity and shout out to The Synergy Studio’s fabulous new location!

July 2nd, 2019|

"Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another." "~ Napoleon Hill " What's your secret [...]

Monday Love to your Summer Solstice Dreams and shout out to Open Floor’s Claire Alexander!

June 18th, 2019|

How do you celebrate the summer solstice? What are your favorite ways to make the most of the longest days of the year? Has the meaning of summer changed for you at [...]

Monday Love to your DNA’s Destiny and make plans for Parashakti’s Discovery Weekend at the Open Center

June 4th, 2019|

How have things changed for you over the years? How have things stayed the same? What do you use as a benchmark to compare? Whenever I do an interview with someone I [...]

Monday Love to your Memorial Memories and join Daria and Anna Halprin at Esalen in August!

May 28th, 2019|

What symbolizes summer for you? How do you mark the turn of the seasons? Do you take holidays literally or figuratively? With today being Memorial Day here in the USA it feels [...]

Monday Love to your Universal Language and make plans for SpiritFlight with Visudha de los Santos!

May 21st, 2019|

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language? How is it that animals seem to know what we're saying, regardless of what language we speak? What's your [...]

Monday Love to what’s Deep in your Bones plus join Ilona Glinarsky for the LA Tango Marathon!

May 14th, 2019|

What do you have that’s “in your blood”? Have you developed any practices or skills that have become second nature? What does it take for a hobby to become a skill to [...]