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5Rhythms – Journey Into Trance with Jonathan Horan

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“Trance is a tricky place, a place not many understand. It’s a mindful state that only happens when you get out of your way and fall into your true self so deeply that something inside clicks and you are simultaneously being and witnessing yourself.“ -- Gabrielle Roth We all long for a place to call home, [...]

Gratitude- a 5Rhythms® Movement Workshop with Evangelos in Calgary

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Are you taking your life for granted?Are you remembering to say thanks to the limitless beauty as well as the ugly painful lessons?Gratitude is a practice. Our work day-after-day is to express gratitude for the mystery of this magical experience. We must continually show up and say Thank You! This is a gift! Not just when times are [...]

Warrior – A 5Rhythms Movement Workshop with Evangelos & Maya in Mallorca Spain

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“Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?” -Gabrielle Roth The energy of Staccato (Warrior) is that which holds boundaries and says a clear ‘no’ or ‘yes” when it needs to. She/he dances with confidence and clarity and takes decisive action by listening to the intelligence of the body. By learning to transcend [...]

Monday Love to your Momentum and Motion plus Dance Your Art Out online with Sarah Davies!

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"Nothing happens until something moves." ~ Albert Einstein How do you keep your momentum up? What’s your relationship to inertia? When is the best time to ‘press pause’? You have probably heard the old saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” One of the primary foundations of physics is the first law of [...]

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