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Embodied Leadership Training – Module 1 in USA

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Embodied Leadership Training Moving Skillfully within the Everyday Embodied presence is an essential tool for tracking moment-to-moment sensory input with awareness. Personal development of this skill stabilizes your ability to ground into your physical body while fully attending to the world around you. This, in turn, enhances your life experience both on and off the [...]

Onedancetribe New York 2020

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ONEDANCETRIBE NEW YORK 2020 International Conscious Movement Gathering March 6-11, 2020 | Garrison Institute, NY, USA Experience the magic of OneDanceTribe and transform your life! Enjoy six days of conscious movement with teachers, dancers and visionaries from all over the world, co-creating a unified field of love. OneDanceTribe calls us together as one circle united [...]

Begin Again: Esalen Workshop with Arjuna

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Soul Motion is a conscious dance technique that introduces concepts of natural time, space force, and energy extension. When we dance in natural time, we dance in the present movement moment, free from agenda. Dancing with the force of space places us in a living, vibrant field of call-and-response with our surroundings. As we dance [...]

New Year’s Love to your Joie de Vivre and Happy 2020 to the Dance First Member Community!

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"Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries." ~Truman Capote Have you ever been tickled pink? How about happy as a clam? What about over the moon? These metaphors and hundreds like them in every language are ways folks around the world attempt to describe 'the joy of living'. It's your birthright to [...]

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