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Soul Maps

By | July 21st, 2017|Tags: , , |

On this human path we have two fundamental dances: the dance of the mundane and the dance of the sacred. When the two merge we know we are on the soul path. Through life’s conditioning, heartbreaks and struggles we gradually lose connection to our true nature, our essence and our light. We fall into a kind [...]

Apprenticeship Programme – Movement Medicine Training with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Devon, UK

By | November 13th, 2016|Tags: |

In the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme, our intention is to provide such an environment to enable you to reach your full potential. In the context of this, you will be supported to find a healthy balance between accepting and being who you are, and continuing your evolution towards becoming all that you can be, making your [...]

Chakradance™ Facilitator Training – Accreditation Course

By | September 15th, 2017|Tags: , , , , |

Train to become a qualified and accredited Chakradance™ Facilitator. This training takes 10 weeks, all at-home using downloads of classes and workbooks that we supply. You are free to do the work each week at times to suit you, there are no 'set-time' webinars etc. You will be supported in a private discussion group on Facebook, [...]

Embodied: A 5Rhythms Medicine Wheel

By | July 20th, 2017|Tags: , , |

In this elemental 5Rhythms experience we will explore the teachings and medicine which is alive within each of these states of being. We will do this through the gateway of the body. In community, we will practice to embody and discover which of the rhythms are thriving within us, and become aware of the energies in [...]

Improvisation Alchemy – Elemental Dance Journey

By | July 12th, 2017|Tags: , |

Drive the creative cycle of your dance using improvised movement inspired by the 5 Elements: Earth (stability), Water (adaptability), Air (freedom), Fire (creativity), and Metal (intuition) On a dance journey driven by a curated soundtrack, Nancy will guide you through movement that capture the essence of the elements. This workshop will set you on the path [...]

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