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Full Circle

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“Energy moves in waves, waves move in rhythms, rhythms move in patterns, patterns move in cycles.” - Gabrielle Roth  When the year ends, are you ready to drop or ready to begin again? Are you elated, exhausted or indifferent? Rose Ramsay and Ben Deutsch invite you to join them on the last day of 2019 to dance [...]

The Lancashire Wave

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You're very welcome to join the monthly Waves level class for Lancashire dancers on Saturdays at the Ludus Dance Space. More info, including pricing is listed below. 6 July - Mark Austin 3 August - Mark Austin 7 September - Mia Arneric (Netherlands) 8 October - Mark Austin 2 November - Gavin Lee 7 December [...]

Monday Love to your Inspiring Influences and big love to Brietta Leader and Wildcore Movement!

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"Dogs and philosophers do the greatest good and get the fewest rewards." ~Diogenes Who or what are your main influences? Have you ever witnessed behavior ‘rubbing off’ on someone? How does your environment affect your state of mind? Like it or not, we’re all susceptible to the energies and attitudes that surround us. [...]

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Mid Summer Festival is a gathering that unites people from Italy and abroad. Days immersed in nature, practicing several awareness disciplines, with qualified teachers and musicians. Several 5Rhythms sessions every day with a session of Movement Medicine, Soul Motion, Open Floor, Azul, Trance Dance during the time together  Yoga every morning before breakfast with offerings of [...]

Body, Breath and Beat Retreat

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The 5Rhythms are a form of ecstatic dance, a workout for body and soul, a moving meditation and a spiritual practice. While the practice itself is simple, it has the power to catalyze deep healing and creative expression. Dancing the 5Rhythms can be meditative, expressive, fun and transformative.It gives us the opportunity to find freedom in [...]