Fun is only possible if you have a mindset that allows it.

~ Morten Harket

What is your overarching metaphor for life? Is your life a garden?  A wilderness? A playground? How does your mindset affect your perspective and your results?

You’ve probably been asked the age-old question, “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?” And if you’re like me, the answer might depend on just what’s going on for you at the moment. A half-empty glass may not be so bad if it’s because you’re in the middle of the best smoothie you’ve ever had!

But a persistent perspective of pessimism can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The way you look at things and the level of luck in your life are cosmically intertwined. The idea that you can “create your own luck” might seem far-fetched but a close look at almost anyone who is making something of themselves will reveal some truth to the idea.

There seem to be two sides to the coin of luck. (Or a flip-side to the LP of life if you will.) The first piece of how good fortune and opportunity is attracted has to do with the energy you put forth into the world in the first place. 

Proactive people produce positive results. Waiting around for something to happen isn’t in their vocabulary. Whether consciously or simply by habit, they are always seeding the ground for success. Feeding the favor bank, showing up on time, finding ways to be useful are all ways to position yourself to be in the right place at the right time when opportunity knocks.

Another aspect of creating a life of luck is a willingness to roll up your sleeves. Because when you open the door to opportunities knock, what’s waiting for you on the other side? That’s right, work! Far too many fruits of success die on the vine of good intentions when the effort required becomes apparent. 

The power of presence plays a powerful role in the lives of the “lucky.” Paying attention to what’s going on in the moment is a key to being ready to “strike while the iron is hot.” You’ve got to be aware of what’s going on around you as it happens to seize an opportunity as it arises. 

Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, don Juan called it the “cubic centimeter of chance. ” I love this description, it plays on the idea that the universe is always ready to provide, as long as we’re ready to pounce.

Attitude is another fun factor put to good use by the frequently fortunate. Easy little investments like looking for the good in other people, being ready and willing to help, and wearing a smile all pay dividends when it’s your turn to be picked for the plum assignment or chance to advance.

People with a penchant for problems predictably do just the opposite. Low-vibe behaviors like snarky comments, sarcastic humor, or spreading gossip all have a deleterious effect. Complaining is another big red flag. The thing to remember when you’re tempted to complain is that complaints crowd out creativity. It’s the easy way out to point to a problem, it requires a creative spirit to seek solutions.

Acknowledging an obstacle is one thing, but what happens next is what matters. The large-minded person with perspective who steps back and looks at the big picture and finds a positive solution is called lucky, while the one who complains, dwells on the details, and looks for unrelated problems to compare it to will be mired in misfortune.

It’s almost as if the mind of the universe is paying attention and is ready to dole out whatever you’re energetically asking for. And the universe speaks the language of action, words are quite literally “hot air.”

When you actively push on life with a positive attitude and good intention, doors will open and opportunities will arise. If you live in a state of reaction and wait around to see what’s going to happen you’ll find plenty to complain since the universe is more than happy to pile it on.

Viewed from any angle, the dance of consciousness in our day-to-day lives is a study in contrasts. Contribution versus entitlement, complaints versus creativity, action versus reaction. And these aren’t opposites that ask us to seek a balance, but rather different vibrational octaves of being that invite us to ascend. 

So as you dance through life on this abbreviated post-Labor Day week, take the energetic high road where good fortune is found! Make the most of your mindset and let levity lead the way!

Motivationally yours till next Monday!

Much love,


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight :: Critical Mass Dance Company invites you to Dance from your Heart!

This week’s Dance First Members Spotlight shines on E. Sophia Kozak and the Critical Mass Dance Company! The Fall Equinox is soon upon us, and Critical Mass has a remarkable way to mark the turning of the seasons lined up just for you!

The Los Angeles-based Critical Mass Dance Company is famous for their day-glo fluorescent performances and their outreach to underserved communities. They’re also renowned for the “Dance from your Heart” movement-based transformational work they do.

On Saturday, September 21st, join Critical Mass for “Dance from your Heart – A Fall Equinox Celebration” During this workshop you will “Manifest a heart-felt desire this Fall with greater grace, ease and joy.” 

In a special interactive workshop that asks the question “What is your heart-felt intention this Fall?” you will enjoy an introduction to Dance from the Heart, the 7-step movement process for manifestation. 

This workshop is half dance ritual and half dance party. Dance from your Heart in community under the magical glow of blacklight! You’ll want to wear comfortable attire and feel free to wear white or anything that glows in blacklight.  

You may bring an offering for the community altar, such as a flower, stone, shell, candle, or crystal. UV-reactive scarves, flags, and other dance props will be provided. 

And if L.A. is out of your way later this month, be sure to visit theCritical Mass Dance Company website to get your copy of the Dance from the Heart book, or better yet, make the most of the Dance From the Heart Complete System. Practice at your own pace, on your own time, in the comfort of your own home with our home-study system.

Manifesting your heart’s desire is easier when you amp up your vibration with movement. Let Critical Mass clue you in on the concepts that make transformation easy and fun!

Dance from your Heart – A Fall Equinox Celebration
Sept 21, Indigo Yoga, Altadena, CA

Learn more: