This week’s Dance First Insight is from Ilona Glinarsky and Living Tango!

I wanted to share with you that I have resumed my tango-inspired events and classes after having to completely shut down for almost two years. So relieved to see that things are picking up and people are more eager to dance and connect than ever.

Just recently, I revived my annual LA Summer Tango Marathon and it was a huge success! Whew! Also, being that I am originally from Kyiv, Ukraine and still have family there, the subject of war in Ukraine has been deeply affecting me. I have struggled with seeing what is happening with my homeland and its people. So, I’ve created a couple of Tango fundraisers and managed to raise almost 7K for humanitarian aid for Ukrainian citizens who’ve lost their homes and their loved ones.

Just a few weeks back, on May 27, as a part of my tango marathon weekend, I created a Tango for Ukraine Flash Mob that we brought to the streets of Century City and Beverly Hills. It was not an easy task to pull it together, as tango dancers don’t usually like anything choreographed, but it worked and was beautiful and inspiring. I am hoping that other dancers will pick up this idea and do something similar to show their love and support for Ukraine. Dancing for Peace is powerful!!!

Here is a short video you might enjoy:

“On May 27, 2022 Argentine Tango dancers from all over US and beyond gathered in Los Angeles at the LA Summer Tango Marathon. Traveling Tango Flashmob, a segment of this 4-day dance event, was dedicated to the courageous Ukrainian people fighting for peace, freedom and democracy. We hope to inspire others dancers, near and far, of all dance genres, to Dance for Peace. Together we can make a difference!

Dance choreography by: Ilona Glinarsky, Tal Knighton and Zhenya Tananko
Videography & editing by: Ali Azizian of Hasht
Media Music: Otros Aires – “Bailando Sin Paradiso”, album “Perfect Tango” Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox – “Oy u luzi chevron kalyna”

Here is the Choreography tutorial, broken down for anyone interested in learning it:

Also, I wanted to share a FREE for ALL upcoming Tango event I am co-producing with the Music Center, Los Angeles – Dance DTLA. It is the biggest community building opportunity and a way to unite people through dance. I am honored to have been a featured guest instructor for this tango night for the last 15 years. Although we had to skip a couple of years, it is now back, bigger than ever. In fact, there are free dance events taking place on the Music Center Plaza all Summer long, introducing and celebrating all kinds of dance genres. It is SOOO much fun!

If you are able to share with the global dance community, I would really appreciate that!

Much love,
Ilona & Living Tango