This week’s Dance First Insight is from Evangelos Diavolitsis and Four Ways To Freedom!

Evangelos Diavolitsis means “Angel-Devil.”

From a young age, I was baffled by our human existence and struggled to find meaning in a seemingly difficult world. Blessed with a Greek philosophical mind, a polite Canadian upbringing and a longing for the pleasures of life, I was propelled into an early life of hard knocks and extremes (mostly self-induced).

In 1998, having experienced the crash of quick fame and fortune, I found myself in a spiritual crisis. While traveling around the world, my quest to find a community of conscious beings landed me in places like Japan and Thailand. I sometimes refer to myself as the accidental yogi.

I was introduced to beings that radiated tranquility and mastery over themselves and I was determined to learn from them how to live in a state of grace on a daily basis. I discovered a precious gift. The Dharma! These wonderful teachings have shaped my life and contributed to deep and profound peace on this path of never-ending mystery.

There is a subtle life force that exists in all of us and is always accessible when we train to live in the present moment. Thanks to the continuous study of awakening and the on-going commitment of my Dharma teachers, Qapel and Catherine Sensei of Planet Dharma, I have learned to embody a life worth living: a life of joy, clarity, spaciousness and service.

As a result of a diversity of studies and explorations, I offer teachings that can support anyone (unless you are stubborn) to disentangle from incessant struggles and obsessions. Along with my partner and others, I teach a multi-disciplinary approach to liberation through four pathways: Money, Movement, Mindfulness and Mystery.

I am the founder of Four Ways to Freedom, Meditation Moves, Money Evolution, Dharma in Motion and the Calgary Dharma Hub. I was certified under 5Rhythm’s founder, Gabrielle Roth’s tutelage and have been teaching mindful movement since 2003. I am forever grateful to my mentor, friend and colleague, founder of the Money Coaching Institute, Deborah Price. Nishta and I have over fifty years of combined practice and have studied with a diverse range of spiritual teachers who are trained in authentic dharma teaching lineages. (Learn about our root lineage)

I am described as a compassionate, fun loving and forthright Dharma and meditation teacher, coach and movement workshop leader committed to helping people let go of who they think they need to be and embrace who they believe they could never be: free of all illusory concepts. When I am not studying, I am most likely meandering like Pinocchio through the worlds of art, poetry, music and nature.

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