“ A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”

 ~ Max Muller

Here’s a conundrum for you. What is the one thing that is essential, yet we often seek to avoid? Why is this bad for us in excess, yet valuable in small quantities? The benefits can be replicated by taking a pill, yet the real thing is freely available nearly every day.

Pondering yet again one of the great mysteries in this dance of life. It’s the root of many philosophies and seemingly the source of great wisdom. Without it, everything in nature would perish, too much of it, the world becomes a wasteland.

What might I be talking about, and why is it so important? The sun, of course. My anecdotal experience leads me to question just how and why the center of our solar system exerts such a great force upon us and our world. For I find myself craving the feeling of its rays upon my skin, which gives rise to a feeling of well-being that lasts throughout the day.

Somehow, and here once again I veer into the great mysteries of science, the simple act of allowing the sun to touch my skin generates something called Vitamin D within my body.

Apparently, this substance called Vitamin D not only boosts your immune system, but it improves your mood as well! Science has studied this phenomenon, but I don’t need a research paper to validate my own experience. 20 minutes or so of direct midday sunshine upon my torso is like a magical medicinal elixir that soothes my soul for days to come.

Last week I mentioned my belief that the sun is the source of all intelligence in our little corner of the universe. I don’t quite know how one would go about proving this, but if you were to ask my cat Ozzie, I’m sure he would agree. Judging by his daily actions, it certainly seems like direct sunshine is a form of nutrition.

For me, sunshine and coffee have a lot in common. The proper amount, taken at the appropriate time of day, works wonders. Take too much, or get the timing wrong, and it can screw you up royally.

My caffeine habit works like this. We break our fast in the mornings with a pot of loose leaf Earl Grey mixed with a bit of Yerba Matté along with our seasonal fruit-of-the day, fresh-squeezed citrus, and nut butter and chestnut spread on homemade toast.

Once breakfast is out of the way I’m ready for coffee to complete the adjustment of my caffeine levels for the day. I grind a handful of dark roasted beans and brew them in the French Press pot. This yields a couple of cups of the splendid beverage that I and legions of others call the elixir of life.

One pot is plenty, occasionally another cup from the bakery once I’m out and about, but never after lunch or later in the day. If I unwisely drink coffee after dinner time without the express intention of staying up all night, I am guaranteed a bout of insomnia that I will regret.

Sipping on sunshine is a similar scenario. 20 minutes or so seems to be the ideal amount, being careful to stop just short of a sunburn. If I linger too long, or heaven forbid, fall asleep under its rays, I will have a painful price to pay.

Somehow, there seems to be a symbiosis between the sublime sips of my special brew and the glittering rays of sunshine that touch my skin. Science may have an answer, but my own experiences is enough. Much like wise Mr. Ozzie, our ebony feline, I’ll trust my instincts in this dance of life, and let the inter-play between substances that need sunlight to grow and the direct influence of the sun itself to properly adjust my mind, body, and soul to the demands of the day ahead.

Whatever your preferred combination may be, pay attention as you dial it in. Your life force will thank you!

Much love till next Monday!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

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