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Road to Compassion – a 5Rhythms® Movement Workshop with Evangelos in Ottawa Canada

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Join us for a physical journey into the depths of the heart. The Focus: The spontaneous heart. The Outcome: By the end, we will be significantly more present, compassionate and full of empathy. That’s what happens when we sweat with the intention of unblocking our hearts. In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as kinetic energy, as power, [...]

Relating – You ~ Me ~ We ~ A 5Rhythms® Movement Workshop with Evangelos in Rockford Grange Hood River, OR

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Are your relationships loving, compassionate and exciting?  OR Are you repeating the same patterns over and over? Living in the past? Forever single? Fearing intimacy? Getting stuck in dead ends? Is showing vulnerability a challenge? What are your relationship blind spots? Let’s face it, other people seem like work at times and emotions can get messy. [...]

Gratitude- a 5Rhythms® Movement Workshop with Evangelos in Calgary

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Are you taking your life for granted? Are you remembering to say thanks to the limitless beauty as well as the ugly painful lessons? Gratitude is a practice. Our work day-after-day is to express gratitude for the mystery of this magical experience. We must continually show up and say Thank You! This is a gift! Not just [...]

OPEN FLOOR: INTIMACY with Anneli Molin-Skelton

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Open Floor: Intimacy [to allow ourselves to be seen] with Anneli Molin-Skelton Do you have the courage to be seen and felt by yourself and others in your entirety? It takes immense courage to include and be present with our entire self and to soften our hearts around the places we have hardened. This movement [...]

Warrior – A 5Rhythms Movement Workshop with Evangelos & Maya in Mallorca Spain

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“Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?” -Gabrielle Roth The energy of Staccato (Warrior) is that which holds boundaries and says a clear ‘no’ or ‘yes” when it needs to. She/he dances with confidence and clarity and takes decisive action by listening to the intelligence of the body. By learning to transcend [...]