The workshop will begin with quiet time and a space for personal practice of art, writing, prayer, divination, yoga, meditation, and movement. Including the option of creating your own Kintsugi Mended Heart with guest artist JuliAnn .
Our opening circle will be held in our dance studio. With a grounding exercise we will connect to each other, to spirit, and set our intentions for our day of healing.
The flow will gently transition into conscious movement, JourneyDance, to apply love, allow emotions, and bring forth renewal of spirit, hope and joy.
We will close with a pentatonic sound bath to integrate our experience.
Art, music, writing, prayer, divination, yoga stations will be available to participants in our spacious meditation room throughout the workshop.
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver, or platinum.
Transformation is not just about putting the pieces of one’s broken life back together, it’s about a total reinvention of self in which our shattered pieces are alchemized into a beautiful, thriving masterpiece.

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