This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Amara Pagano, (founder of Azul) & Pier Paolo de Angelis, leaders of One Dance Tribe.

Dear fellow dancers,

2020 has been quite a memorable year for all of us so far. And it is not over yet….

Never before have our lives been affected by a global pandemic. Never before have we witnessed waves of social unrest rolling across the globe with such intensity. And new global realities, like climate change, the reduction of biodiversity, and mass migrations – just to name a few – have been shaking our belief systems and social structures to their foundation.

In 2020 we have also witnessed amazing scientific and technological discoveries. These discoveries opened up new possibilities for the human race. They led to a growing number of people awakening to the truth of who we are. And that awakening gives us hope for the future of humankind.

Throughout this mix of reassuring good news and unsettling bad news, one thing has become exceedingly clear: our life on the planet changes with increasing speed, creating new challenges, and needing new solutions.

How can we constructively respond to these changes? Is there a chance that we may still be able to co-create a more peaceful, constructive, and cooperative way to live life on Earth? As individuals, sometimes we may feel helpless or even disempowered. But, the truth is, we are not. We do have the power to change our lives – and to change the course of history. It starts with a simple choice and with the understanding that we can all contribute.

How? One way to answer this is letting go of our small
selves and stepping into leadership roles. The world needs a new generation of leaders capable of handling the increasing complexity of coexistence on the planet while respecting life and embodying the highest human values. To accomplish that, we need to awaken our own inner leader.

The current world leadership still operates under a belief system focused on the materialistic and mechanistic aspects of life. This top-down approach favors the few at the top, leaves little or no room for solidarity and cooperation, and depletes the available resources without enough consideration or respect for human lives. The results are visible to all of us.

The good news is that the old systems show their flaws and complete their life-cycle, leaving room for something new to emerge. To shift the balance towards a more peaceful and respectful way to live together on Earth, the new leaders need to learn how to balance life’s material and spiritual aspects. We can also call this a balance between the horizontal and the vertical dimensions of life.

This balance can be found in our hearts. The heart is where these two dimensions meet, letting the spiritual and material aspects of life to support each other. The heart allows us to experience love, which is the guiding principle and the very source of life. The heart is where – as humans – we connect to one another. Within this balance, every person counts, collaboration replaces hierarchy, and a new field of unlimited possibilities opens in support of our evolution.

However, for this transition to come into form, we must develop new skills. Azul offers a clear path to developing these skills, balancing the vertical and the horizontal as well as the feminine and masculine energies. Balance is an essential quality to awaken our inner leader.

We don’t need to be in politics or business to develop these skills because the new leadership is forming as a participatory and collaborative project. We are all invited and all needed.

If you are curious to explore this path, we invite you to join us for the Dec 31-Jan 2 New Years Threshold retreat – a powerful process and ritual that will open the way for you to enter 2021 in your full power: open, clear, and ready…

Threshold is one of our signature programs, which has been offered in person for a decade. Given this year’s extraordinary events, Threshold will be offered live online for the first time. Being a part of it will connect you to a growing number of people who are discovering a new path of personal and collective transformation.

May you be guided by your highest purpose.

Paolo and Amara

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