This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Jennifer Joy Jimenez creator of TranscenDance!

Dear Dancers

One of my favorite quotes is from Gabriel Roth’s book “Maps to Ecstasy”:

So the body is where the dancing path to wholeness must begin. So many of us are not in our bodies, really at home and vibrantly present there. Nor are we in touch with the basic rhythms that constitute our bodily life. We live outside ourselves – in our heads, our memories, our belongings – absentee landlords of our own estate. A brochure I saw at a chiropractor’s office says: ‘If you wear out your body, where are you going to live?” – Gabrielle Roth.

If last year didn’t wake us up to truly becoming landlords of our own estate and taking care of our health, wellbeing, and body temples on a deeper level, I don’t know what else will!

As a 20 plus year practitioner of conscious dance and creator and founder of TranscenDance™, I have found that listening to everything my body is saying is a lifelong practice. This past year, having had more time at home catapulted me into even more personal practice and led to even more offerings of TranscenDance™.

I started last year off in two very powerful ways. Last February, I went to Costa Rica to lead my TranscenDance™ Facilitator training. I was invited to be one of the top faculty and leaders for One Dance Tribe in Garrison, NY, in March and virtually during the summer. Little did I know that a life-altering global pandemic was lurking around the corner, waiting to pull the rug out from under our Brave Thinking Institute.

As sad as I am for the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and how our world has been turned upside down, I’ve learned not to wish away our adversity or challenges. Like my mother, Mary Morrissey, would say, on a soul and spiritual level, “the content of our life is the curriculum of our evolution.” She was the first to show me that “challenge is inevitably wishing away the spiritual growth, and transformation this content came to teach us!

I don’t wish away the growth, the depth, and the transformation we’ve experienced – but I do wish for what it came to reveal, teach us, show us, and help us become. I hope it catapults us up as a nation, as a world, as a community, into the next level of our spiritual depth and growth we are designed and destined to become not despite the pandemic, but because of it!

This opportunity to be slammed into what appeared at first be a massive brick wall of adversity was scary, unknown, and uncertain, to say the least. There was a moment I thought about pulling all 3 kids from their private school and not being able to make our mortgage. We contemplated the massive loss of revenue we would suffer not being able to do ‘business as usual.’

One of our core values is to practice what we teach and be the living embodiment of our transformation and spiritual principles. We know that how we hold something in our mind is everything – nothing is neither good nor bad; it just simply is. Each of us gets to decide our perception and, therefore, our experience.

As a company, we quickly pivoted, reinvented, innovated, collaborated, and communicated with our global community. We made powerful decisions, and we asked powerful questions…

What if this pandemic could actually catapult us into the most successful year we’ve ever had as a company?

What if this was the best thing that ever happened to us?

What would need to happen? – what innovations would we need to invent?

What thoughts would we need to think? – what changes would we need to make?

And we got to work! And we have had THE BEST YEAR of our business history.

As the director of our health and wellbeing division of our Institute with TranscenDance™ being the heartbeat of my transformational coaching programs, retreats, and trainings, I felt the strongest pull I’ve ever felt in the 20 plus years of teaching conscious dance and leading programs and retreats and conferences and trainings, to allow conscious dance to take her rightful place on the throne of my work in 2020! I did this by hosting over 20 virtual trainings last year.

2021 will be a big expansion year for conscious dance! I believe more than ever before, people need to come home to their body temples. They need to learn how to create emotional resonance; they need to learn how to listen to their body, to find a place of calm confidence amid the storm. And I believe that conscious dance – and this conscious dance community right here – has the potential to be the catalyst for global transformation like no other transformational tool that I have experienced in my lifetime.

I am committed more than ever before to bring conscious dance to the forefront of our Institute, empowering and supporting the new generation of conscious dance teachers. I invite you to join my mission – our mission – of helping people create and live the life of their dreams.

One of the powerful tools in doing that is to have a powerful vision and dance your dreams into reality. In TranscenDance™, I blend the art of mind-body movement with the science of transformational spiritual principles. This process provides 10 stages of conscious dance that help us transcend our lower limiting beliefs and emotions to much more empowering beliefs. (Try a Live Zoom TranscenDance™ class the first Saturday of each month:

For many years at the beginning of my journey as a woman, mother, and entrepreneur, I held on to old limiting beliefs of being a starving artist. I have transformed that old belief into a new abundant result, using transformational, universal, spiritual tools. Anything and everything is possible through aligning our thoughts, emotions, energy, and vibration.

What I know for sure is that if I can go from being a starving artist to a prosperous, abundant entrepreneur, then whatever our dreams are, whatever it is that you would love to create with or without a global pandemic, the possibilities are truly limitless! I encourage you to join me in becoming a TranscenDance Facilitator and adding this powerful modality to your tool belt of conscious dance to help create a world of people fulfilling their potential, purpose, and mission and truly to make a difference in this world!

Thank you!


TranscenDance™ Facilitator Training:

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