This week’s Dance First Member Insight is brought to you by Kristen Mangione, founder of LîLA – Dance Alchemy for the Soul. Dance First members are sharing their insights and inspirations during this troubled time, as well as how they are coping. Plus links to live streams and online offerings for you.

Hello Conscious Dance Community-

The COVID 19 crisis has awakened, in my community and across the globe, an unprecedented call to heal and create.

In the last two weeks, my world has both shrank and expanded far beyond anything I could have imagined. Like everyone dealing with the social distancing precautions, my live, in-person teachings, workshops and entire business came to a grinding halt two weeks ago. While I had already been preparing to lead the first online version of LÎLA – Dance Alchemy for the Soul©, I was in no way ready for the impact that social distancing would have on my life.

One of the pillars of LÎLA, the WHY behind every dance, is transformation. I know of no better way to transcend, process, feel, and BE like never before, than when I dance. Sharing this transformation with others has always been my purpose. Knowing this, I am tasked with a dilemma: how best can I serve my community inside of my truth?

Within this mindset, I created a brand new LÎLA program experience. It’s specifically designed to meet the daunting new realities of our daily lives. This LÎLA experience focuses on transforming fear, worry, negativity, isolation and hopelessness. It holds intentions far above our current circumstances.

In creating this program, I tackled tech learning curves with my new online platform, designed novel content, and put out invitations like never before. From this, The RECALIBRATING Reality Program emerged.

This week, a dozen of my students and community members gathered virtually for our first session. We meet for weekly streamed sessions to dance, meditate, process, share, and grow. Together, we are bigger than our individual circumstances. In between, the students have videos, audio, and self-study content to keep the course alive.

If you would like to learn more about the RECALIBRATING Reality Experience, and LÎLA, including more upcoming live-streamed events and experiences, visit