“ I think if you look at exactly where you are, you can’t really focus without looking back and forward
at the same time.”

 ~ Bill Laswell

Do you ever feel like you’re riding your unicycle backwards? Does it seem like everything is due for a review? Have you been noticing things about past events that you didn’t catch the first time around?

With all the forward motion that living life brings, it’s worth pressing the rewind button once in a while. Fortunately, the universe provides such opportunities at regular intervals.

On one hand, we have the scientific method and verifiable facts, which all serve to form a baseline of reality here on Planet Earth. On the other hand, there are weird mysteries that defy logic, yet they seem to exist, nonetheless, based on simply observing the patterns.

One might say that life is a dance in the balance between the baseline of things we know and can prove, and those mysterious phenomenon that are beyond our current understanding.

I’m speaking of astrology, of course. Laughed off and dismissed by the scientific minded, I count myself among those who notice the archetypes and feel the pull of the planets. And rather than complain when Mercury goes retrograde, I prefer to revel in the opportunity to review and reassess the previous months of forward motion.

And this time around it’s Retro-palooza! I’m told there are as many as seven planets currently spinning backwards! Now mind you, some of them move so slowly that they go in reverse for ages, while Mercury is moving so quickly that it spins back three times a year.

I love hearing from old friends, and reaching out to people that I’m long overdue to talk to. It’s fun to think back on a sequence of events and notice where my blind spots might’ve been the first time around. At no time is the old phrase “hindsight is 20-20” more true than during a retrograde!

It’s as if the universe gives us this opportunity to clean house and tie up loose ends before we plunge forward into the future. It reminds me of swimming in the ocean, if you get caught in the tide, you just have to go with the flow rather than fighting against it and then everything will be fine.

This newsletter is a case in point! Here it is Tuesday evening, and I’m just now getting around to it! The fact that yesterday was the Labor Day holiday may have had something to do with it.

So have fun catching your breath and re-winding, re-viewing, and re-connecting! Your ducks will thank you when they’re all in a row!

Much love till next week!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine