Do you ever find yourself looking for an easy way to describe things? Trying to find some verbal or written method to get your point across? There’s no question that effective communication is the key to making things happen, whether it’s business, personal, or simply navigating through the necessities of life.

No matter who you are or what you do, it’s a certainty that you have reasons to be clear and get other people to understand you. You may be a teacher or facilitator who wants your students to learn more effectively. Perhaps you’re in business for your self, and need to market yourself better and make more sales.

If you work at some sort of company or public organization, you need to be the one your boss and co-workers can easily understand. Even in personal relationships or if you have kids, your path will be easier if you can make your point with love, kindness, and understanding.

Clear communication is like oil on the gears of life. Metaphor is like air in the tires of good communication. And dance is like the one-size-fits-all metaphor that can be applied to almost every circumstance. It’s like the Swiss Army knife in the toolbox of conversation.

For me, metaphor is a nifty trick that I pull out as often as possible in my speaking and writing. Our minds can quickly grasp something new when it’s perceived through the lens of something else that’s more familiar. Metaphors provide mental models that enable us to quickly grok a concept or gain better understanding of an idea.

Lately, it seems that almost every where I look, dance is being used as a metaphor to explain some facet of life. I find it curiously fascinating how so many different disciplines lend themselves to the the physical facts of dance. So it’s especially gratifying for me to represent such a wide variety of leaders in the field with the services of Dance First — people who are raising consciousness by literally putting bodies in motion.

Just this past week I was making one of my occasional clutter-clearing forays in an attempt to unearth the surface of my desk. On my way through the piles I found not one, but two different books that delve into life via the metaphor of dance.

First is “Dance from the Heart“ by E. Sophia Kozak, founder of the Critical Mass Dance Company. The subtitle is “Manifest your Dreams through Movement in 7 Steps.” Endorsed by yours truly, (she’s a member of Dance First); fellow Dance First member Banafsheh Sayyad, creator of Dance of Oneness; and Conscious Evolution leader Barbara Marx Hubbard; this book guides you though a simple somatic process  to unlock your power and live your purpose.

Next is “The Dance of the Business Mind” by Valeh Nazemoff. Providing you with “Strategies to Thrive Anywhere, from the Ballroom to the Boardroom” this action-packed volume of wisdom that applies the essence of dance to the world of business. By day, author Valeh is a successful consultant and business coach, by night she’s a competitive ballroom dancer. She shows you how to stimulate creativity and reach peak performance in your professional life by using the fun, focus, and intensity of dance.

These are just two examples of wisdom being given through the magic metaphor of movement. Your communications kitchen contains many useful ingredients. Beyond metaphor you’ve got simile, synonyms, antonyms, and another one of my personal favorites, the always awesome act of alliteration. Cooking up clear communication can be fun and easy once you get a handle on the semantic utensils.

No matter what you pull out of your bag of tricks to communicate with, know that you’ve got a valuable story to tell and the world is waiting to hear it. You’re further up the ladder than those folks who are still flat on their backs looking up, and they’re counting on your helping hand to give them a lift. And those folks who are farther up than you? Well, they were on the bottom rung once too, so don’t stall yourself with comparisons, just know that there’s always room for you at the top.

Much love until next week!

Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight: Ilona Glinarsky and Living Tango!


Today’s Dance First member spotlight is shining on someone who lives the metaphor of dance every day, Living Tango’s Ilona Glinarsky! Well-known in Los Angeles where she dances at the center of a vibrant Tango community, Ilona is a community builder like no other, bringing the connection and passion of Argentine Tango to the masses.

Working hard to bridge the worlds of partner dance and higher consciousness, she’s been making a name for herself and her organization Living Tango for many years. Providing weekly classes and social dances, private lessons, coaching and community outreach, she’s a vibrant spirit in the Southern California dance community.

Every spring she’s the driving force behind the LA Tango Marathon, an epic event that’s a wide-open invitation to dancers everywhere to come out and dance in the open air and experience the magic of Tango. Family friendly and totally welcoming and accessible, this multi-day series of social dances, classes, and evening events is meant to be an easy entry point for newbies, as well as a high point on the seasoned Tango dancers social calendar.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this coming weekends fun if you live in the Southern California area, and tell your friends there by forwarding this newsletter so they won’t miss it. Movement is really the big metaphor for life, and there’s no better way to experience the pleasure than dancing under the stars and by the water with Ilona and friends at the LA Tango Marathon.

Thank you Ilona for all your hard work and generous spirit bringing the joy of Living Tango to people week after week and year after year! We really appreciate your support for the mission of Conscious Dancer and your continued membership in Dance First!

Los Angeles Tango Marathon – The Endless Summer
May 25-29, Various Locations, Los Angeles