“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.” ~ anon

Have you ever considered your place in the grand scheme of things? Do you give your eventual legacy much thought? What are your cultural reference points?

Sometimes you’ll hear the phrase that “history repeats itself” but more recently I’ve seen a variation that says “history doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

It’s fascinating how there’s this vast arc of human history, with millions of versions of the various stories forming a backdrop to our current existence. And it’s only natural to extrapolate what the future might hold based on what has happened in the past.

And yet each of our lives is but a tiny snapshot of the scope of human existence. The size of our piece of the timeline shrinks the further out we zoom into the big picture. It’s as if life is fractal, and the resonances repeat the closer we look or the further out we go.

Consciousness is a puzzle that remains beyond our understanding. The fact that we are all somehow self-aware is taken for granted, yet for all our science and technology, there’s still not a clear explanation for what really makes us tick.

Some traditions believe in reincarnation, the idea that there are lives we have lived before and new futures to be lived. Or maybe we were a caterpillar and butterfly in a past life, and someones kitty cat in the next one. No one really knows!

One theory I’ve always found novel and entertaining, (and as likely correct as any other) is the idea the ancient Mayans have about types of people. According to José Arguelles it goes something like this. There are only 144,000 different personality types. This explains why when you meet someone who has a different name or race or nationality than someone else you know, but otherwise is almost the exact same person in every other way, they’re just inhabiting one of those 144,000 types in a different body and situation.

And who knows, this may well be true. After all, 144,000 is more than any one of us can keep track of in our own minds, so who’s to say what the real story is in the ongoing mystery of life and consciousness? One thing seems to hold true, and that is our conscious awareness of our life time is limited to the one we’re currently living. Sure there are folks who have specific memories of past lives, but they are definitely the exceptions, not the rule.

Astrologically speaking, which is the language of karma, you’ll hear of some people beginning their karmic journey, and others referred to as “old souls.” This is often something you’ll hear about babies or young children, something about their presence or the look in their eyes makes you see and feel a presence or wisdom far beyond their years.

We’re all like stars in the sky, some of us burn bright and fast like a comet and others cast a warm glow for a much longer time. Making peace with ourselves about who we are and where we fit in the grand scheme of things is one of the key lessons on the path of life. Some folks make a dent on world events, others simply etch lasting memories among their families and friends. We all play our part.

Our dance community experienced the passing of a well-loved member recently, as all long-lived dance communities eventually do. And while it’s easy to simply resort to sadness, and we certainly feel the loss, there may be a larger lesson to learn and grow from. It’s pointless to make any judgements or assumptions about how someone else chooses to guide their life’s journey, and that it’s best to honor their decisions along the way.

It’s also a reminder to simply accept who you are and not try to be anyone else. Comparison to others can be the curse of present moment experience — you are living the life that is yours and yours alone. You may be underestimating the level of love and support that surrounds you, or it may be time to summon the courage to make a big shift, either way, it’s your own consciousness that you steer down the path of life, so ask yourself what’s your karmic high road.

One thing is for sure, you have a deep well of love and kindness within that you can always draw from to make the world a better place for everyone around you. How you choose to share, express, and model it is up to you, that’s the beauty of the dance of life!

May your week be thriving and filled with joy!

Until next Monday, much love…


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

DANCE FIRST MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – The Tamalpa Institute, Anna Halprin, and

The Planetary Dance! 

Today’s Dance First Member Spotlight shines on the entire Tamalpa Institute family! From Anna Halprin at the top, to her daughter Daria and the entire extended global community, the Monday after Mother’s Day seems like a fitting time to honor one of the great pioneers and premiere organizations in the field of conscious dance.

The Tamalpa Life/Art Process and training programs are developed by Daria Halprin, who co-founded the Tamalpa Institute with Anna in 1978. Their work builds upon the foundations of Anna Halprin’s groundbreaking performance and movement ritual works dating back to the late 1930’s. It’s truly inspiring to marvel at all the ways this work has evolved and developed around the world, with Tamalpa Institute trainees and graduates leading the way.

One of Anna’s great and lasting community achievements is The Planetary Dance, “an annual all-day ritual of healing and community renewal that brings people of all ages and abilities together in a beautiful setting to dance for a purpose.” People all over the world join in dances for peace in their own communities.

The 38th Annual Planetary Dance is happening on June 3rd on Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County, California. If you’ve been before, you know it’s an incredible experience, if you haven’t, make this your year! With Anna celebrating her 98th birthday in July, this is an inspiring opportunity to bring your family and share in an outdoor community movement ritual led by the living legend herself.

Everyone participates in the creation of a moving human mandala where in the first run you can call out a dedication to someone in your life who needs healing, in the second call out for a common cause, and the third run is led by the children as a dedication to the future.

Check out this 12-minute documentary film on The Planetary Danceand get a feel for what’s in store for you and learn more about the message, meaning, and history behind this unique gathering. The day begins with a sunrise ceremony at the summit of Mt Tamalpais, and continues with three runs of the dance at Santos Meadow at the base of the mountain followed by a potluck picnic and celebration.

The Tamalpa Institute has a vast amount of offerings and training programs you can learn about on their website here. Check out this global array of activities put on by members of the Tamalpa Alumni Association!
Dance as a Healing Art: A presentation on TLAP with Jennifer Lalor
June 9 | Mullumbimby (Byron Bay)

Tamalpa Experience with Jennifer Lalor
June 23-24 | Mullumbimby (Byron Bay)

Workshop Danse & TLAP  with Marie Motais
June 7-9 | Namur

Wednesday Weekly Class with Stéphane Vernier
Every Wednesday | Cergy

Thursday Weekly Class with Stéphane Vernier
Every Thursday | Paris

The Singing Body Master Class with Dohee Lee 
June 9-10 | Paris

Danse Planétaire with Gwenaelle Doerflinger
June 10 | Bassillac

De Sable D’océan with Stéphane Vernier
June 16-17 | Sarzeau

Planetary Dance with Marie Motais
June 20 | Locmariaquer

Danse TLAP & Mandala Effet Mer w/ Marie Motais &  Emilie Vincent
June 23-24 | Plogoff

Life/Art Process en Nature with Stéphane Venier
June 30 – July 1 | Montpellier

Stage en résidentiel “Dâme nature ou l’élan créateur” with Gwenaelle Doerfliger
July 6-8 | Blanquefort sur Briolance

Stage “L’heure de l’Etre” with Gwenaelle Doerfliger & Mayah Baty
July 20-22 | Blanquefort sur Briolance

Lune Rouge – Cercle de femmes – Danse Nature Rituel & TLAP with Marie Motais
August 24-28 | Tréhorenteuc – Bretagne

Support Your Life with Videhi Ruth Renate Mayser
June 8, 22, 27 & July 3, 11 | Munich

Dance Intensiv Week on the Lovely Island Sylt with Ute Frederich
Beginning May 8 | List auf Sylt

TLAP Introduction TLAP with Environmental Dance with Katrin Stelter
June 15-17 | Freiburg

19th Planerary Dance in Freiburg with Katrin Stelter
June 21 | Freiburg

TLAP Introduction Workshop w/ Presentation with Volkshochschule Freiburg
June 23 | Freiburg

“Expression – Dance – Stillness: A movement based therapy/ self-awareness group” with Lena Maren Mischke
Beginning June 27 | Darmstadt

Start Tamalpa Level 1 Training Programm at Tamalpa Germany!
June 29, 2018 – May 19, 2019 |  Freiburg

Creative-Seminar: Week in the Black Forest with Katrin Stelter & Zula Nicole Hoffmann
August 10-15 | Wolfach

Planetary Dance Workshop with Pernille Overø
May 20 | Malmo

Tamalpa Class with Lian Wilson
June 24-25 | Folkestone

Navigating the Arts & Health Bridge with Lian Wilson
June 5 | London

Tamalpa UK Summer Workshop with Lian Wilson
June 22-24 | Sandgate / Kent