"Never tell me the odds!"

~ Han Solo

Do you ever get daunted by statistics? Have you ever decided not to do something because the chances didn’t seem good? How do you know when it’s worth rolling the dice and taking a longshot anyway?

It’s all too easy to decide not to take the first step simply because the odds are against you. Countless numbers of great things have probably never happened because people thought there was no chance of success.

Every endeavor starts with some contemplation of the risk versus reward. And it’s easy to imagine that if A leads to B, then B must logically lead to C and so on. There’s definitely a time and a place for linear thinking.

Without a sequential mindset, plans would never get made, degrees would never get earned, and large projects would never get finished. Timelines, checklists, and flow charts all serve very useful and important functions.

However, the grain of salt to take along with all of this is the fact that we live in a non-linear universe. Life happens along the spectrum between “Look before you leap” and “He who hesitates is lost.”

The mysterious methods of manifestation thrive in a cosmos built on long odds. When you zoom out and look at the big picture, it’s a miracle that you are even here at all. True novelty is always rare.

How remarkable is it that our watery life-giving world took form out of all of the cosmic dust floating around in space? What were the chances that a small group of hominids in Eastern Africa would become the most influential species on the planet? How likely was it that one of the millions of fertile cells from your father would join forces with one of your mother’s eggs to bring you into being?

Obviously, not every longshot is a good idea. There is a reason folks call the lottery a tax on people who don’t understand math. But when it comes to bringing something entirely new into existence, the universe has a way of bending of the odds.

Anything that has to do with creativity or making the world a better place somehow gets a boost from the forces of the cosmos. When you set an intention and start taking action towards a goal, it’s as if helpful particles get caught up in your way and start to follow along.

Another way to look at how long odds are really no obstacle to success is to flip the numbers on their head in terms of you as an individual in the context of the eight billion people living here on earth.

If you have a good idea whose time has come and are ready to take action towards making it happen, the chances are good that you are the one in a million who is willing to take the leap. At the very least, even if it is a common goal, no one has ever done it like you will before.

As a dad who’s doing my part to raise a delightful 11-year-old daughter, (that’s Geneva in the photo with me above), I find myself offering words of encouragement and optimism as the world of possibilities unfolds to her. It’s remarkable to witness the next generation taking the reins, knowing that one day I’ll be in the backseat egging her on.

If you have some hidden brilliance inside that the world is waiting to see, don’t let the odds hold you back. The universe is waiting for you to plant your flag in the sand and help you along as you give it your best shot.

May your Monday be ripe with potential and your week be all that you dream!

Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight :: Sofiah Thom and her signature Temple Body Arts practice!

This week’s Dance First Members Spotlight shines on Sofiah Thomand her dynamic Temple Body Arts program! Sofiah is a long-time Conscious Dancer community member and has been with Dance First since the very beginning. Based in Costa Rica on the Dominical Peninsula, she’s the co-founder and proprietress of the Danyasa Eco Retreat.

She has an amazing free online 3-day training on how to “Embody your Wealth Frequency ” coming up May 1st through 3rd over Beltane for female entrepreneurs, see details below. And here’s an inspiring video about her work that you really have to see! But first, here’s a few words from her about her background and how she got her start!

 Almost 20 Years ago I graduated from Naropa University in Dance Therapy and Performing Arts and then went on to train in Anna and Daria Halprin’s methodology the Life/Art Process at the Tamalpa Institute . Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance weaves the depth and wisdom I received from these two incredible schools plus my time studying Temple Dance and Tantra Yoga in India with a foundation in the 5Rhythms which I received working very closely with Melissa Michaels 20 years ago.

Now she gets to train women in the sacred arts of Tantra yoga, expressive healing arts, dance therapy and ritual arts. “ My goal is to awaken your creative power, wisdom and sacred sensuality as a living goddess here to shine your brilliance with the world.

Sofiah says “I take a stand for all women to know their own power, wisdom, and worth. Temple Body Arts has evolved into a school to support not only an inner awakening to your divine nature and gifts, but also how to step out into our modern world as a feminine entrepreneur sharing these unique gifts with the world, in service to the awakening for humanity.

If you claim your seat for this weeks free training now, you’ll receive a free gift of the Temple Body Arts Desire Map.

Embody Your Wealth Frequency as a Feminine Entrepreneur
May 1-3, Online, 12 -1 PM, PST.

And coming up this summer you have an in-person opportunity to train with Sofiah for a Rite of Passage to truly birth your gifts into the world! She still has a few spaces open for her upcoming Temple Body INITIATION held over the Summer Solstice at the Danyasa Eco-Retreat in Costa Rica. Say YES to your gifts and leave the playing small story behind!

Temple Body Arts Initiation 
June 15-26, Danyasa Eco-Retreat, Dominical, Costa Rica

Learn more about the Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance and the work of Sofiah Thom at:

Become a Magnetic Goddess… Receive Five Free Temple Body Arts Practices to Activate your Feminine Power at:


Conscious Dancer Community Spotlight :: Dance Week continues with FREE events by Dance First Members The Breema Center and The Tamalpa Institute!

Dance Week continues with great classes and events from The Breema Center and The Tamalpa Institute! This annual celebration brings together the extended movement community for a week of over 700 complimentary (as in FREE!) classes and workshops so that people can sample the wide variety of dance moves and modalities that thrive here in the Bay. Be sure to attend one or more of these amazing FREE classes!

Bay Area Dance Week at The Breema Center  

Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony
Monday, April 29, 7:00 – 8:30 PM, The Breema Center, Oakland

The Gateway to Being Present: Self-Breema Class
Tuesday, April 30, 5:00 – 6:00 PM, The Breema Center, Oakland

Celebrating the Morning: Self-Breema Class
Wednesday, May 1, 8:15 – 9:00 AM, The Breema Center, Oakland

Introduction to Breema with Jon Schreiber
Wednesday, May 1, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, The Breema Center, Oakland

​Celebrating the Morning: Self-Breema Class
Thursday, May 2, 8:15 – 9:00 AM, The Breema Center, Oakland

Breema: The Art of Being Present
Saturday, May 4, 10:00 – 11:30 AM, The Breema Center, Oakland

Bay Area Dance Week at The Tamalpa Institute

Tamalpa Experience with Natan Daskal
Monday, Apr 29, Finnish Hall, Berkeley, CA

Life/Art Dances with Maggie Silverman
Wednesday, May 1, Berkeley Ballet Theatre, Berkeley, CA

Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations – with Joy Cosculluela
Thursday, May 2, Joe Goode Studio, San Francisco, CA