8 Weeks Online Jan 19th to March 8th followed by
The Remedy Experience Retreat at Mar de Jade Mexico March 16th to 23rd
Welcome Home to your Body, Soul & Creative Spirit!
The Remedy: Expressive Arts Programs.

(#14 Jan 19 to March 8) (#15 April 5 to May 31)

We need a REMEDY…A way to EMBODY, a way to DE-STRESS, a way to BE SEEN & HEARD, a way to HEAL, a way to JOY, and a way to BE THE CHANGE.

Creativity, Expression and Connection are the missing KEYS to healing and living forward… Why this is so important and why this is the REMEDY…

Our stories are our power. Our stories have shaped us, informed us and taught us, and for some, these (stories have harmed us…) When we step into our power and claim and own our stories, we RECLAIM our beautiful shining selves, in a good way.

As a culture of the “perfectionistic view”, we have become too closed and conditioned to share ourselves freely. Many of us only feel safe to share under special conditions. When we share our stories and find our OWN MEANING, we can heal and connect back into the joy of living, the gratitude for this ONE PRECIOUS LIFE.

Joy and Toni bravely create those conditions by being our authentic selves with you. We will share with you our stories, make you laugh and make you cry…sing to you and dance with you. You will do the same, allowing your truths to be revealed. Joy and Toni create a sacred container to process the range of emotions that comes with this intense time.

What exactly is The REMEDY, you ask? As you know, one of our specialties is taking the energetic pulse of what’s going on in the world and creating a playlist of musical alchemy for what is needed. This is the foundation of the Remedy. We share musical medicine along with writing prompts, expression practices and sharing circles each session.

The REMEDY is more than just a super fun and wonderful time to connect. It is a tool to process our lives and the world around us. If you are craving connection with your highest self, your chosen community, a space to reflect, a personal check-in time and a chance to meet new beautiful people, join us for THE REMEDY.

IN-PERSON March 16 – 23
Awaken Your Inner Artist and Discover Your True Self at The Remedy Live Experience JourneyDance Retreat at the extraordinary Mar de Jade Wellness Resort in Mexico.

Welcome to a journey of creativity, self-discovery and connection on a tropical beach where the jungle meets the Pacific coastline of Mexico. The JourneyDance Remedy Retreat is your haven for exploring your authentic self and unlocking your expressive heart.

Join us for this 7 day ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation with Toni Bergins, creator of JourneyDance™, along with Joy Okoye, JourneyDance™ trainer, vocalist, and co-creator of The Remedy experience, and Joan White-Hansen, JourneyDance™ Teacher Trainer and Visual Artist!

Our unique blend of JourneyDance®, The Remedy, and Dancing Your Soul Art, includes practices of movement, writing, art making, and genuine relating. It’s designed to connect you with your body, mind, spirit, energy and heart.

Together we Turn our Angst into Art and transform our vulnerability into strength and resilience. We align with our deepest desires and intentions, as we learn to harness their power to actively shape and create an artful life. We infuse the present moment with the vibrant colors of the land, the ocean, the sunsets, your stories, experiences, and aspirations.