Calling all Divine Feminine Leaders ready to birth
a new paradigm!
Full Moon, Feb 24
11am – 3pm Pacific Time
Unleash your Magnetic Power and
Create Divine Impact

Now is the time to boldly step into the spotlight of your leadership and divine artistry. You were not meant to be tethered to hesitation around your desires – your unique gifts and sacred medicine are desperately needed in this world.

In this online activation, awaken the Temple Body Lunar Feminine Archetypes and feel them come alive within you. Let the empowering embrace of the inner Wild Woman, Sacred Dreamer, Graceful Warrior and Mother/Lover guide you towards embodying your Signature Soul Essence.

This journey is a transformative dance that aligns your life with your true dharma, unlocking the potential for you to become a multi-dimentional leader and healer in this new paradigm.

Exude embodied confidence that radiates in every direction
Unleash and connect with your magnetic power, breaking free from the constraints of playing small
Harness your sword of discernment to cut away what no longer serves
Show up as a Divine Feminine Leader in your home, career, and your life and stand for what you believe in
Release the burden of worrying about the opinions of others, as you allow your authenticity to shine brightly

Your journey with Temple Body Arts is an invitation to embrace your fullest potential and live in Divine alignment with your soul essence.

Live Online on the Full Moon February 24th
11am to 3pm Pacific Time