Freestyle Fridays! New weekly in-person dance in Berkeley!
Freestyle dancing in Berkeley is back!

Freestyle Fridays is the latest incarnation of Barefoot Boogie, the East Bay’s longest-running conscious dance. On Friday, January 26, we’re having an extra-special celebration — a black-and-white costume party! We’ll be celebrating the 41th anniversary of dance, expression, connection and community at Freestyle Friday Dance, aka Barefoot Boogie. It will be happening at BFUU, at 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, 94709, from 7:30-10pm.

The theme is black and white, and we hope you’ll get creative — break out your playa wear, nun and zebra outfits, penguin costumes, sexy, silly, whatever. There will be costumes and dress-up stuff to share in case you need some wardrobe assistance or just want to be able to display multiple dance personalities that evening.

DJ Clari will be playing a magical mix of Boogie favorites through the years as well as new tunes to keep you moving — juicy world music, old-school funk, current pop, spicy salsa, positive hip-hop, happy house, luscious electronica, sexy blues and more.

The dance will start at 7:30 (or so) and run until 10pm. The first half hour will be slower music for relaxing, stretching, “arriving” and warming up. You may arrive whenever you wish.

Be sure to check the schedule and make your plans for every Friday night. Most nights the new home is BFUU at 1924 Cedar Street, on the 3rd Friday of the month it’s at The Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street. Entry is $20, and as always, this event is a NOTAFLAF, and all ages are welcome.

Tell your friends and spread the word,
Barefoot Boogie is back with the new day and name
Freestyle Fridays!