Sufi Rose – Journey Into Whirling – 4-wk workshop February 4 – 25, Corazon Performing Arts, Topanga, CA
Experience a universe of perpetual motion through whirling.

Commune with The Beloved, increase coherence, and manifest your heart’s desires through Sama, the sacred dance of whirling and the mystical energy of the spin.

The Rose is not just another flower in the Sufi tradition — it is a profound symbol. Its beauty, fragrance, and spiraling arrangement of petals hold deep spiritual and scientific implications, making it a centerpiece of divine secrets.

Rose petals hold stories from ancient mystical traditions, symbolizing the unfolding journey of the soul.

During this 4-week journey into the heart of The Sufi Rose, you’ll experience how every turn, every spin, is not just a dance move but a powerful tool for creation.

The spiral is a sacred motif found in numerous indigenous cultures, representing life, rebirth, and the eternal nature of Spirit. Sama, the sacred whirling dance, is believed to be a key to manifesting in the physical realm.

Rumi’s poetry that we love so much flowered from him as he whirled. The words just poured forth in a miraculous fountain of perfect rhyme and meter in the Persian language. This is a testament to the power of this ancient sacred dance that unites body, heart, and mind into one coherent expression of love, beauty, and goodness that can bring the dead back to life!

As you dance in community, the scent of the Rose will move through your soul, evoking memories, feelings, and spiritual awakenings… that enhances the depth of your dance and connection to the Divine.

You’ll explore the intimate connection between Sama and the Rose. Just like petals whirl around the center of a Rose, the darvish turns in a harmonious orbit — both evoking a journey towards the Divine.

You’ll learn how to harness the energy of the spin to commune with The Beloved and manifest your spiritual and worldly desires through sacred whirling, the poetry of Rumi, Eastern energy medicine and wisdom teachings, meditation and visualizations.

The Sufi Rose journey is a marriage of movement and mysticism, drawing upon ancient symbols and the transformative power of dance.