Plan ahead for “Truth”
ZeroOne workshop April 19-21 in Prague, Czech Republic
Not abstract truth such as ‘Love is All’, nor the truth of stories about what we have lived through, but specific, personal, in-the-present truth such as ‘My heart is breaking’, or ‘I love you’, or ‘I am shy with you right now’.
This the kind of honesty we find when we dance. We get to see what’s really going on, within ourselves and each other, when we bear witness to the unfolding moment of the moving body.
The body doesn’t lie. It cannot. The body is always bringing forth the precise truth, now, and we can see it, learn from it and grow through it, becoming more truly ourselves, with each other, now.
With practice, we can learn to speak from this place too. To name what’s really going on in just a few simple words, and even when it’s difficult say or difficult to hear, the truth always makes us feel lighter. It’s always a relief.
This will be our pathway for the weekend. To dance, to speak, to listen and to see the truth within each other. And that is a blessing.
So be it.

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