This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight shines on Adam Barley and ZeroOne. Adam blends the core concepts of Euler’s Mathematical Identity and transformative practice into a unique blend of science and spirituality. His extensive 5Rhythms practice, underpinned by mathematical understanding, integrates meaning into movement and focuses on an understanding of human nature and collective evolution.

ZeroOne is a movement meditation practice for both individual and collective empowerment. Participants are encouraged to move freely and be at home in their bodies through discovering mindful movement. Each experience is a personal discovery and an exploration of emotional expression and embodiment. Particular focus is placed on accessing your natural birthright to create a life path in every moment.

Even the “ZeroOne” name is rooted in mathematical and spiritual balance, finding harmony in the dichotomy of the natural world. Concepts like “movement-stillness”, “life-death”, and “body-breath” are explored as two halves of the same whole through active consideration and movement. Each ZeroOne participant is encouraged to engage with this dichotomy using a combination of kinaesthetic, emotional, creative, intuitive and intellectual techniques.

Adam himself acts as a guide during ZeroOne meetings, facilitating a spiritual understanding of the mathematical harmony and balance in each attendant’s life and in the world around them. He has touched the lives of many movement members through his numerous workshops and hands-on applications of the ZeroOne philosophy:

I felt a force which came through my vulnerability, which brought a soft kind of love, and gratefulness.” -Jeanette, Tax Officer

This is really something. Movement practice meets Non-Duality.” -Ben, Leadership Trainer

Adam hosts Zero One workshops around the globe. His next class, InZero, runs from March 20th-22nd in Sydney, Australia. InZero is an opportunity to reset in the face of the fires and floods that have ravaged Australia over the past few months. It focuses on movement practice as a way to find your ground, centre yourself, and connect to the human scale of the world around you. It encourages participants to embrace the personal and the collective in a way that can bring healing and connection.

For American attendants, Adam’s The Man, The Boy, and The Beast workshop takes place from May 15th-17th in Boulder, CO. This workshop focuses on dealing with internal forces that can feel out of control and the relationship between power and innocence. It uses the transformative power of movement to discover our hidden selves and integrate both the childish and beastly aspects of our psyche into a healthy, honest version of our true nature.

To find events in your area or to learn more about Adam and ZeroOne, please click here.