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Xian Prem & CFIT! 

Who Am I?

Early in my teens, I started inquiring, ‘Who am I?’. This quest has led me to develop CFIT Psychology, a transformational development model based on letting go of identities. I am speaking of thirty years of self-discovery, in-depth meditations, studies in India in ancient philosophies and Eastern Psychology, followed by case studies, certification trainings, and witnessing my clients.

I love walking in the woods on paths that no one else has walked upon. I do the same in my life. I decided instead of following a treated path, I trust my own intuition and my creative expression. Dance and art have led me to self-discovery and beyond. All the while being very supported by mentors and teachers and considering the perspectives of coaches and friends.

Taking the feeling that I didn’t fit in, I decided to share my uniqueness as an inspiration to others. This is both an invitation for you to trust your own truth and support for deep trust in yourself, intimacy with your partner, and the universe at large.

I look forward to supporting your unique journey and discovery.

~ ~ ~

What is Lightwork Coaching?

The aim is spiritual “immortality; enlightenment; self-realization; being one with the cosmos, embodying ultimate reality; living form of lightbody”, to “physical longevity” involving methods such as light frequency alchemy, breath meditation, sitting meditation, somatic awareness, creative expression, dance, and transformational coaching for action steps.

Very practically, this includes you becoming you and living the embodiment on Earth that your soul calls for. This is a down to Earth process while working with higher frequencies.

Transformational Coaching: You have all the answers within you. Dr. Xian asked you the questions to uncover your own wisdom. This may include creative expression or meditation processes.

Spiritual Guidance: You are already on a path and I guide you to integrate and embody your practices. I may teach you practices on request.

Spiritual Mentoring: You are ready to thrive and guide others, expanding your practitioner skills. Also valid for therapists to include non-traditional tools like poetry or somatic awareness to break through limits.

Lightwork: Higher frequency remote or in-person transmissions to activate your subtle energy channels. Mentoring possible to become a healer.

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