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In early 2019, I launched ZeroOne: a new movement meditation practice for individual and collective evolution and empowerment. It’s rooted in over 40 years of experience in embodiment and meditation, 25 of which I was teaching the 5Rhythms. All that, along with several inspirational streaks from the world of science, from the latest understanding of neurological development and trauma patterning to the archetypal symbolism of pure mathematics.

My teaching style is clear, bright, and a lot gentler than it used to be, valuing subtle as well as peak experiences. I’m slowly learning humility.

Collectively we have a legacy of terrible violence behind us and inside us, and at this point have huge opportunities to evolve as a species. The time is now. I am highly focussed on that evolution, both within myself and through my contribution to the whole, as are so many of us. I’m thrilled to be alive at this incredible time, with a fierce love for the amorphous tribe of consciousness-warriors that is springing up through movement practices around the world. There’s hope, right there.

I often work without music, which helps you to find your movement with more self-responsibility and originality. However, at heart, I’m a musician. Over the many years I’ve been doing this, I have come to use my DJ system as an instrument, and to know how to create soundscapes in ever more creative ways that is a truly delightful part of the job.

With deep thanks to all my teachers.

….and in case you’re interested….about me personally…. by the time I left home aged 17 I was a total mess, caught deep in addictions, a little crazy, unable even to make friends. It’s been a long, long road towards healing the broken places, the dissociated patterning, the wounds that wouldn’t stop bleeding. Meditation, movement, and all manner of embodiment practices have been and continue to be at the core of my journey. My family, my friends, the beautiful land where I live, all are slowly teaching me the meaning of being human, for which I’m incredibly grateful. Work in progress.
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Deep Focus
February 4 - February 9
Deep Focus
February 4 - February 9
Orval, Belgium
Freedom—Rhythm—Time: ZeroOne meets TaKeTiNa
March 13 - March 15
Australia, Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
March 20 - March 22
Australia, Sydney
Sydney, Australia
Being Real
March 27 - March 29
Australia, Mullumbimby
Mullumbimby, Australia
Deep, Wild, and True
May 8 - May 10
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Man, the Boy, and the Beast
May 15 - May 17
United States, Boulder, CO
Boulder, CO United States
Being Real
May 22 - May 24
Canada, Montreal
Montreal, Canada
May 28 @ 8:00 am - May 30 @ 5:00 pm UTC+2
Israel, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel