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Embodiment Facilitation for Men working as Coaches and Therapists

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.
Martha Beck

This is an online course led by Adam and Pieter van Winkle, founder of the Institute for Embodied Men’s Work.

A 3.5 month course for therapists and coaches who want to level-up their effectiveness, confidence and potency with their one-to-one clients. We will give you the tools – and the transformational context – to begin or enhance your journey supporting your clients to explore the frontier of human awakening: the body.

Whatever gender your clients may be, the way you work with them depends upon the presence, sensitivity and integrity of your inner landscape, and inDepth aims to strengthen this, being a personal training as well as a professional one.

By weaving together embodiment training, men’s work and practice, we aim to foster a group field that is open-hearted and free-thinking whilst demanding our authenticity, vulnerability and integrity.

This will be a high-voltage training with a wild edge. Like wolves to the pack, we want your best, we want your worst, and we want your untended wildness. All of it is welcomed here.

Wilderness is the capacity to go into joy, sorrow, and anger fully and stay there for as long as needed, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Wilderness carries sobriety as well as exuberance, and has allowed loss to mark its face.
Martin Shaw

inDepth is a three-in-one training: course practicum, body-based men’s group, and peer-led home practice groups. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to deepen your work with the clients you serve, and with your own life’s journey.

Course practicum:

Through instruction, practice and individual mentoring, you will learn specific, effective techniques to access your clients’ embodied experience, which deepens the insights they can achieve in-session, whether online or in person.

Men’s council sessions:

We will explore the juicy edges of embodied inquiry across topics to enhance your power, presence and depth as a practitioner – and as a man. You’ll be invited to take a clear, honest look at the embodied patterns that might be keeping you from taking the bold steps being asked of you right now, both personally and professionally.

Home-practice groups:

These peer-led triads will “wrap the bundle” as you stretch your capacity to try out edgy interventions, take calculated risks, and receive actionable feedback in a supportive container of men who have your back.

All of this will be undertaken as ways of deepening your personal practice, and then taken into your professional work as tools you can share with your clients, bringing the vibrant world of the body into your sessions.

This is a place to show up, even when you’re shut down. A place to fuck up, not fuck off. We will ask a lot of you – that you use this space to dig deep and become intimate with the places where you get stuck in your head, contracted in your heart or shut down in your body. Shame, competition, arrogance, fear and grief will all be on the menu, because the experiences we tend to avoid are so often the most fruitful. We trust that everything can be a resource for deepening and strengthening our presence, with a good balance of humility and potency, humour and gravitas, daring and caring.

Through ten modules, over 3.5 months, you will:

Learn effective tools and techniques to transform your clients’ capacity to generate life-changing insights
Be accountable to a cohort of men insisting on vulnerability, authenticity and integrity
Open yourself to sources of authentic power that may have eluded you in other contexts and professional trainings
Gain personal benefits such as more capacity for intimate relationship, more confidence in general and freer access to your creative voice

Permeated throughout this course is the companionship of a cohort of men, the shared vision of a more emergent, co-creative world, and the encouragement and accountability to inhabit your unique place in that world – as only you can.

Join us?

If you don’t do your work, someone else is doing it for you.

Martín Pretchel

Course call schedule:

Wednesdays 8-11am PT, 9am-12pm MT, 11am-2pm ET, 4-7pm UK, 5-8pm CET
(For sessions on March 20-27, due to different daylight savings times in USA and Europe, times will be 3-6pm UK, 4-7pm CET)

  1. Opening session    Mar 6
  2. Embodiment Fundamentals   Mar 20
  3. Competition, shame and power   Mar 27
  4. Relating through movement   Apr 10
  5. Shadow and Fragmentation   Apr 17
  6. Speaking from the heart   May  1
  7. Polarity and Turn-on   May 8
  8. Guiding clients in embodied enquiry   May 22
  9. Beauty, Blessing + Belonging   May 29
  10. Closing session   June 12

In addition to these 10 modules, there will be a minimum of 5 practice sessions that you will schedule with other members of your cohort.

The price for this course is $1,750. This includes a written curriculum with all practice exercises and techniques.

Application required.

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