Moving Paths 2023

United Kingdom, Stroud United Kingdom, Stroud

A weekly group experience of movement, presence and enquiry. Simple steps to encourage empowerment, connection and community. Moving Paths is a connection builder, within ourselves and between each other. It’s local, small-scale, real, sometimes messy and confronting, often deeply moving. Much like love. There will be the opportunity for you to focus your practice particularly [...]

Deep Focus

Belgium, Orval Orval

If you’ve been involved in a movement practice for a while, then this may be for you: a format designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and effectively with your specific personal material. We’re aiming for a group of dancers who have both the will and the experience to focus their work in a [...]

Fear, Power & Beauty

Feel2Be R. Rainha Dona Luísa de Gusmão 4D Lisboa, NY

Fear is real: our early warning system for danger, vital in times like these. It is primal, instinctive, and holds enormous power if we can find the courage to face it, feel it, and go through it. Fear is the gateway to the heart. It’s common knowledge: avoiding fear, we avoid ourselves, each other, life [...]

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