Moving Paths Autumn 2022

Moving Paths is a connection builder, within ourselves and between each other. It’s local, small-scale, real, sometimes messy and confronting, often deeply moving. Much like love. Using movement, meditation and speaking, we enquire into the truth of the moment within oneself, with each other, and for our place in the world. You commit to a [...]

Nourish — the residential

United Kingdom, South Brent United Kingdom, South Brent, NY

Dance and cooking — 3-day retreat led by Adam Barley and Maria-Carin Gala Movement and healthy food for body and soul, supported by the beautiful Bala Brook residential centre on the wild land of Dartmoor. Peace is an inside job, nourished by movement, wholesome foods and good company. So let’s DANCE, COOK, EAT AND CONNECT! We will weave together [...]


Czech Republic, Prague Czech Republic, Prague, NY

These are wild times. We’re not just on the edge, we’re off the edge and falling. We are being called, cajoled and catapulted into new ways of being that require us to let go of our fixed ideas of what we thought we knew. We can sense it. There’s something going on. We need to [...]


France, Villetrun France, Villetrun, NY

Not abstract truth such as Love is All, not the truth of stories about what we have lived through, but specific, personal, in-the-present truth such as ‘My heart is breaking’, or ‘I love you’, or ‘I am shy with you right now’. This the kind of honesty we find when we dance. We get to [...]

Deep, Wild, and True

Austria, Linz Austria, Linz

To feel into our depths takes courage, and courage we have, for our true nature is wild, along with every other living thing on this beautiful magical earth.  Maybe we just forgot for a while — pretending that we’re civilised, and then pretending that we’re not pretending…  But the body doesn’t lie, so movement and [...]


Bolivia, Refugio Los Volcanes Bolivia, Refugio Los Volcanes, NY

Movement, plant medicine and inquiry  Combining the diagnostic tools of Body Mapping and transformational movement work, together with medicinal plant therapy. We will also gain insights via family constellation work with horses and compassionate inquiry. The sessions allow you to decode the sensations in your body and make sense of your feelings, opening up physical, [...]

Deep Focus

Belgium, Orval Orval

If you’ve been involved in a movement practice for a while, then this may be for you: a format designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and effectively with your specific personal material. We’re aiming for a group of dancers who have both the will and the experience to focus their work in a [...]

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