Dancing With My Space | On-Demand Series

Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, UT

Each time we step into our movement practice we meet the crossroads of indifference and curiosity. Of disregard and discovery. Of apathy and inspiration. When dancing solo, we can welcome what is present to partner with around us or yearn in boredom for non-existent possibilities. For over three decades, Jonathan Horan has refined the art [...]

Percussion Waves With Alex Mackay

Online Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

5Rhythms LiveStream online class with LIVE MUSIC. guided by Alex Mackay | Live Music by Joe Caswell ***8:00pm Berlin / 7:00pm London / 2:00pm New York / 11:00am San Francisco / 8:00am Honolulu / 5:00am Melbourne (Saturday)*** DAY pass $15 1 Week pass $22 Monthly subscription $80 REGISTER HERE Class broadcast begins 15 minutes before [...]

Unexpected Waves

5Rhythms Livestream Class on demand 5Rhythms Livestream Class on demand, "-"Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

For 2 decades Meredith Davies and David Juriansz have been a dynamic duo for 5Rhythms® in Australia. Beginning with a portable CD player and HiFi speakers, their pioneering spirit paved the way for the growth of conscious dance down-under. Unexpected Waves is their offering to the 5Rhythms Livestream Platform. The class will have an unexpected flavour. [...]