I’m curious about your thoughts on time–space displacement. Commonly referred to as jet lag, I’d like to know if your experience with it is the same as mine. Is it because of the direction of travel, or simply that the excitement of going somewhere outweighs the feeling of returning home? Whenever I travel towards Asia I arrive ready to rock ‘n’ roll, while the return throws me for a loop for at least a couple of days. Does traveling in the other direction reverse the results?

I’ve just returned from teaching my Analog Awareness work to the SpiritDance SoulSong teacher trainees in Bali with Geneva, my 8-yr old daughter, and we had the most disorienting experience en route. The plane landed in Seoul, Korea for a short layover, and as the shades had been down in flight we noticed that it was daylight as we were landing, and that the time was around 6:30. Since we had just been in the air for over 12 hours, and we had left in the afternoon, it was easy to think that it was morning. But then after we cleared security again, and started re-boarding the plane, we noticed that it was now dark, and that our assumption that it was morning, complete with a craving for coffee, was completely backwards, and that we had missed a day entirely somehow and we were heading into another night.

It reminds me of the tagline to a travel book I loved in my teenage years, The People’s Guide to Mexico. “Wherever you go—there you are.” Bali has been in the back of my mind since I was a child, and while I never made it there in my hippy wandering days, it feels so comfortable that it’s sure to become my home base whenever I’m in Asia. The fact that such a huge part of everyone’s day to day existence is devoted to maintaining their spiritual life, coupled with a naturally refined aesthetic, makes it a destination well worth the effort to reach.

I’ll have to test my hypothesis by traveling halfway around the world in the other direction. It could be that altering the time zones by 12 hours towards the east will result in the disorientation on the front of the trip, and I will return home fit as a fiddle. Either way it’s worth it, especially returning with the knowledge that my teachings are having a positive effect in other parts of the world.

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