Do you believe that writing stuff down can help make it happen? There really seems to be some special magic that happens when when you commit a thought in your mind to written words on paper or a screen. Once you physically “put it out there to the universe” and then let your subconscious attention go to work things happen in nonlinear ways that defy logic.

Case in point, I recently ran across some notes I made in the summer of 2014. One of the goals that I had written down was to travel around Asia. Finding this as I prepare to leave for my second trip to Bali is one of those signposts in life that lets me know I’m on the right track! Last spring, in 2015 was my first trip, nine months after the note was written.

I’m tickled pink to be heading back again, and this time I’m taking Geneva, my eight-year-old daughter. Being included as guest faculty for Ellen Watson’s SpiritDance SoulSong 10-day retreat is a huge honor! This year I’m extra excited to be offering a 2-day Analog Awakening intensive on April 18-18th. It’s open to anyone, and is also included as a core module included in the SpiritDance Soulsong 200-hour Teacher Training.

It all points to the idea that if you want something to happen, it doesn’t hurt to set a real written intention. (there’s even a great book I recommend by Henriette Klauser called ‘Write it Down, Make it Happen’)

It ties in with the core philosophy that I’ll be teaching in my 3-C’s of Magnetic Marketing study group for movement leaders. This advanced small-group mastermind will show you where to find the fountain of compelling content that’s probably right under your nose, and teach you the tools, skills and techniques to easily create a stream of engaging stories to build your tribe and grow your practice.

(To apply for the next session and reserve a spot on the waiting list, email


If you want to try something crazy, check this out. Lately, I’ve been taking the writing thing one step further to give myself a little left-right brain balancing exercise. I’m right-handed, but I realized a long time ago that I could write reasonably well with my left hand, as long as I write backwards.

So each day I make a few quick backwards left-handed notes in the morning just for fun. It wasn’t easy at first, and I’ve found that writing in cursive is much easier than trying to print the letters. It’s fun to have a to-do list and notes that no one else can decipher! (unless they know the mirror trick)

This is from Wikipedia about Da Vinci, another famous reverse writer who left 13,000 pages of notes behind: “Leonardo’s writings are mostly in mirror-image cursive. The reason may have been more a practical expediency than for reasons of secrecy as is often suggested. Since Leonardo wrote with his left hand, it is probable that it was easier for him to write from right to left.”

Take a minute to try writing with your opposite hand and experience the gymnastics your brain goes through. It’s fun! How does it feel for you to commit your thoughts to paper using different channels?


I’m hyped to give a Hi-5 to Dance First member Adam Barley, the UK-based 5Rhythms legend who’s headed to the states for a southern tour this month including a first-ever 5Rhythms workshop in San Antonio, Texas hosted by another one of our Dance First members, Adelle Brewer, at her landmark Synergy Studio.

He’s one of Gabrielle Roth’s early protégés and now one of 5Rhythms most active ambassadors with a steady string of workshops all over the world.

We featured him Conscious Dancer #14. Watch for a podcast interview coming soon.  Visit his website for his global workshop schedule.

Thanks Adam! It’s so great to have guys like you out there working hard bringing embodiment to the world. Dance First is behind you all the way and we really appreciate what you do.