Have you ever noticed how easy it gets to do something once you practice it enough over time? There’s a hidden upside to becoming proficient at things you enjoy doing, you suddenly find out that you are known for being a pro, and that your reputation precedes you. There’s so many opportunities in life to get better at things that will serve us, and yet all too often we let our little nagging doubts, preconceived notions, or limiting beliefs hold us back.

This newsletter is a case in point. Yesterday I was sitting at one of my favorite organic cafés, (hats off to El Cerrito Natural Foods!) when a woman smiled at me and said hello from the salad bar. I said ‘Hi’ back and she replied “Aren’t you the guy that puts out the dance newsletter?” I said ‘Yes in fact I am!’ and she introduced yourself as one of my readers, (Hi Lisa!). She said that she hasn’t been dancing much lately, but really appreciates getting my newsletter because it keeps her in touch and makes her feel good about the dancer inside.

It’s these kind of random interactions out of the blue that let me know I’m on the right track. I used to dread my newsletter when it was unfocused and monthly, now it’s one of the fun parts of my week that I look forward to. Becoming a successful teacher by helping other people achieve their goals is also something that I’m getting better at over time. It’s one of the reasons I’m so fired up to teach my Magnetic Marketing study group. Our first class is tomorrow, and I’ve only got one seat left. The folks who have signed up are exactly the kind of people who I love to work with, and I’m really excited to help them learn to enjoy communicating better and building their practices. (email to apply and reserve your seat in an upcoming session)

It reminds me of the years I spent back in the ‘80s traveling the world building robots with Mark Pauline and his Survival Research Laboratories performance art group. Aside from building and operating one of the world’s largest flamethrowers, one of the things I loved doing most, and showed a special talent for, was helping everyone else move their various projects forward.

Once our small crew was on location for a show, we would amass a team of sometimes up to 40 or 50 volunteers, many of whom would be local artists building elaborate props or creating special effects for our brief but spectacular shows. In the weeks leading up to a performance, I would find myself hopping around the site like a grasshopper making sure that everyone had the tools that they needed, the right approach for the task at hand, and the resources they needed to get their jobs done. Thinking back on how much I enjoyed this part of the gig, I see a parallel and the seeds planted for the kind of work I’m doing now.Much like my vinyl DJ moving meditation practice, I’m so happy and grateful to have kept chipping away at my teaching until it’s no longer intimidating, and has become truly a labor of love. Whether it’s teaching you how to spin records, grow your movement practice, or become an effective and easy-flowing writer, I’m at your service, and looking forward to bring more light into your life!


Sending a big springtime shout out to our friends at the Tamalpa Institute! You’re no doubt aware of the pioneering work of Anna Halprin, arguably the conscious dance movements greatest living legend, actively teaching, traveling, and leading workshops well into her 90’s.

The Tamalpa Institute is the educational organization based in Marin County that trains and certifies people in the Life/Art Process that she developed over the years in creative collaboration with her daughter Daria Halprin, (who tells her story on my Conscious Dancer podcast #1). Every spring they offer a free ‘Meet the Work’ introductory evening, followed by a Tamalpa Experience 2-day workshop. This year’s free demo evening is coming up on May 20, with the workshop running on May 21 & 22nd.

Sign up before May 9th and save $50 on your registration fee, and make plans to experience this inspirational and transformative practice firsthand, and marvel at the wonder of Mountain Home Studios, designed by the late Lawrence Halprin, the renowned landscape architect. 

And mark your calendar for The Planetary Dance, a free open outdoor participatory dance held on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpias, scored and led by Anna, celebrating it’s 36th anniversary on June 5th. If you’ve never done it and you’re in the area, I promise it’s worth the trip, it’s a community movement ritual like no other 😉 

Huge gratitude to Anna! We love you Tamalpa! Keep up the great work!