Have you ever felt reluctant to let yourself shine? Stopped yourself from moving forward with something because of a little voice of self doubt? Well trust me, that little voice is only loud to you, in fact, you’re the only one who can hear it and chances are it’s drowning out the real voices of your friends and fans who are quietly rooting for you and egging you on.

How do we build the muscles and develop our skills to allow our talent to shine? The finest ship in the ocean will still miss the port if it’s using the wrong map. It’s really a matter of tuning in to your deepest self to set your compass, and then learning how to build the skills, create the habits, and plan the strategy. Only then will that part of you that shines will be front and center.

Your best stuff doesn’t appear by fits and starts, it takes discipline and support to develop a productive routine. Once your creativity becomes second nature, delivering it to the world and reaping the reward becomes a piece of cake .

That’s why you should know about the small group masterminds I lead from time to time. I’m accepting applications from 6 to 8 people to do a 6-session crash course in content creation. It’s an advanced course in magnetic marketing, designed specifically for movement leaders.

Since diving into the publishing world a decade ago, I’ve seen many models come and go, and one things for sure, the digital revolution has changed the game for good. Sporadic efforts and one-hit-wonders don’t cut it anymore, to succeed you have to know how to feed the beast. The web doesn’t wait, and you have to provide value to your tribe and build your following as often as you brush your teeth.

The problem is that with so many choices and channels, it’s easy to work your tail off and be left gasping, with no real results to show. If you transform someone’s life, and no one hears about it, it’s like one hand clapping in the woods. What I help you find is that fountain of value that’s usually right under your nose, and then help you determine the combination of tools and strategy that you can bake into your daily life for an ongoing flow of easy-to-create content.

This class isn’t a match for everyone. In particular I’d like to work with modality founders and teacher trainers who want to give their students a leg up by incorporating the essence of my methodologies into their trainings.

Email to apply and join the waiting list for the next series session.


I’m so happy to have a chance to blow the horn for Megha-Nancy Buttenheim!

She’s one of our stellar Dance First members based in the New England area. Long-time member of the Kripalu somatic community, Megha has expanded her outreach and service over the years I’ve known her to serve to benefit a wide range of people on a deeper level.

She offers classes, retreats, and teachers trainings, with offerings tailored for meditation, positive psychology, special populations, and good old-fashioned R&R.

Visit the Let Your Yoga Dance website to learn more about this dynamic Dance First member and get the scoop on her upcoming offerings.

We love you Megha! Keep up the great work and thanks for adding your spirit to the Dance First tribe!