Do you ever feel that life is like riding a wave? Harkens back to the Southern California phrase “Don’t fall off your surfboard!” All of you movers and shakers have you own way of stirring things up as you make your way through the world. There’s a simple element to keep in mind to help you steer clear of obstacles like hurt feelings, miscommunication, or victim-hood. If you make this part of your practice, you’ll keep all ten toes on the tip as you ride through life.

Relentless Kindness is a safe attitude to apply to any situation. Especially when it is authentic, heartfelt, and respectful of your limitations and boundaries. The ninja move is to remember to be kind to yourself. I know from personal experience, this is where many of us struggle the hardest. A kind but firm no is better than an ill-fated yes any day.


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When it comes to traveling around the world stirring things up, you’ll find no better example than Dance First member Ya’Acov Darling Khan and his wife Susannah. Long-time mentees of Gabrielle Roth during the early years of her work, they co-founded the School of Movement Medicine over a decade ago from their homebase in the UK. Today they offer one of the most dynamic training programs available anywhere in the world in the realm of conscious movement arts. They’re also the authors of Movement Medicine – How To Awaken, Dance and Live your Dreams, published by Hay House.

Ya’Acov is currently making a rare swing through the United States, so heads up especially to our friends in the Northwest. This coming weekend he’s offering a workshop called The Way of the Dancing Warrior at Madrona Mindbody Institute in Port Townsend, Washington, one of Dance First’s premier movement centers. I recently interviewed him on my Conscious Dancer podcast, and he tells the most incredible story about how he literally met the teacher of his dreams. It’s worth you’re half an hour to listen to this and be amazed.