THE POWER OF LOVE Cultivating Embodied Compassion

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Movement Medicine Shamanic Dance Journey
Cultivating Embodied Compassion
Keef Wesolowski-Miles (UK)
Movement Medicine™ Shamanic Dance Journey
Friday + Saturday + Sunday
Friday Feb. 16th 7:00pm-9:30pm
Saturday Feb. 17th 10am-6pm
Sunday Feb 18th 2pm-8pm
Early Bird Tuition $275 until January 15 2024
Early Bird Tuition $315 with Scholarship Donation
Regular Tuition $325 after January 15 2024
Regular Tuition $365 with Scholarship Donation
Friday Night Only Feb 16th 7:00-9:30pm $35
Open to the Public: Intro to Movement Medicine + The Power of Love Weekend
Alternative Payment Options: Email Transfer:
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” Jimi Hendrix
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
We are thrilled to announce that Keef has kindly accepted our invitation to join us in Toronto for two back to back Movement Medicine Weekend Dance Journeys in Feb 16-18, 2024 for “The Power of Love, Cultivating Embodied Compassion” and Feb 23-25, 2024 for “Awakening the Wild Man – Shamanic Soul Journey for Men”.
Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker – who knows he doesn’t know – are the three primary guiding lights of his approach. We warmly welcome you to join these unique offerings. We can sense this will be a potent time for us all.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dive deep into community and ceremony, to dance wildly and experience the medicine that is movement through the somatic-shamanic embodiment practices and processes of Movement Medicine.
In this deep dive weekend, guided by Movement Medicine Teacher and co-founder of Awakening The Wild – Keef Wesolowski Miles (UK), we will dance with the essential core Movement Medicine practices, explore our Wild Animal Intelligence and The Chambers of the Heart with the primary intention to embody The Power of Love. This is an invitation, an incantation, an invocation. Let’s invoke a healing force, a force for good, a life affirming energy dedicated to peace, integrity, creativity and community. Let’s explore ways to cultivate fierce and tender compassion and reclaim our power as life force, the creative energy of consciousness that permeates everything. Let’s awaken the wild, awaken the heart, dance our wild hearts and enliven our lives with the power of love.
Whilst this workshop is designed to be catalytic and transformative it is also intended to be a profoundly nourishing immersion into our own true natures. It will invite a maturing evolution, a love revolution, in which we gather the tools and resources to embrace our wholeness and retrieve and alchemise our golden gifts that are hidden in the shadows and the wounded parts of our life stories.
We understand that acceptance, intention, gratitude, forgiveness and celebration are golden keys to a Love rEVOLUTION and that patience, resilience, presence, humility, discernment and discipline are required to harness our innate power and creativity as blessings and gifts to ourselves, each other, our communities, ancestors/ descendents and all of life.
“ The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul.
The power of love, a force from above, a sky-scraping dove
Flame on, burn desire, Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul, make love your goal” Holly Johnson
Throughout our time together we will work with the Movement Medicine ‘Animal Intelligence and the Chambers of the Heart’ map. We will engage with this as a model for our sharing circles to feel what needs to be felt and express what needs to be expressed in a safe, non-judgemental space, where we can witness and be witnessed in the emergent emotional landscapes of our heart. We will dive deep into these contemplations in our journaling, our dreaming and most importantly – the dance.
Chamber of Awakening / Fear
Chamber of Surrender / Sorrow
Chamber of Integrity / Anger
Chamber of Gratitude / Joy
Chamber of Grace / Compassion
Awakening The Dancer, M.E.S.A Practice, Elementals, Yin – Acceptance, Yang – Intention
Movement Medicine is a body based movement practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life. It will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own embodied soul. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to wake up, discover more of their creative potential, dance further than the mind can go, find community in a way that doesn’t require giving up individuality and find the courage to make your own unique contribution. In short, it’s for anyone who wants to include dance as a way to freedom, mindfulness, somatic awareness and fulfilment.
Since prehistory, dance, song and dance-based ceremonies have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in a co-creative community.
” Movement Medicine is shamanic medicine for our times. It gives us direct, embodied experience of the dance of life that’s going on inside us and all around us. As a species, we face enormous challenges right now that we see as arising from the story of separation; separation between body and spirit, between individuals and nations, between the human world and the web of life we are part of and depend upon. Simply put, Movement Medicine reconnects us, deepening our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action. Since prehistory, dance, song and ritual-making have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in a co-creative community.” Susannah and Ya’acov Darling Kahn – Co-Founders of The School of Movement Medicine
‘According to Kristen Neff, “Fierce Self-Compassion involves ‘acting in the world’ to alleviate suffering. It tends to involve protecting, providing for, and motivating ourselves. Sometimes we need to stand tall and say no, draw boundaries, or fight injustice. Or we may need to say yes to ourselves, to do what’s needed to be happy rather than subordinating our needs to those of others.”
Rather than looking outward at catastrophe and blame, we look at what matters to us to bring wisdom to whatever our next step will be. Fierce Self-Compassion doesn’t exist alone because it isn’t always the wisest step for us to ‘take action’. It needs to be balanced by a Tender Self-Compassion, an inward turning to the places that hurt with an intention of nurturance and care. Tenderness and ferocity, in this way, meet each other as supportive partners’ Bianca Crapis -Psychology for a Safe Climate
“Compassion is not something you have, like a virtue or cultivated quality. It is rather an expression of your larger being and can be understood as integral to your belonging or interbeing in the sacred living body of Earth. Compassion boils down to not being afraid of the suffering of your world or of yourself. It involves being open to what you’re feeling about that suffering (grief, fear, rage, overwhelm) and being brave enough to experience it. It helps to know that we are all going to die. And you have this precious moment to get close to the suffering and see what it has to tell you. You can’t heal something you’re afraid to get near. Compassion is what impels you to act for the sake of the larger whole—or put more accurately, it is the whole acting through you.” Joanna Macy
Keef brings 25 years of experience from multiple modalities. He was part of the first Apprenticeship (AP1) and Professional Training (PT1. He says: “To support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life, I bring my ongoing experience as an evolving human being and student of life, wife and daughter. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment. I love to inspire passionate purpose and presence, resilience, resourcefulness and ultimately love, compassion and joy. I encourage people to find and shine light on their path and to deepen awareness, responsibility and choice-fulness about the narrative lenses through which they perceive and engage with their lives, their relationships and the beautiful planet we live on.”
Movement Medicine is an essential pillar of all of his offerings alongside the other practices in which he is deeply initiated. Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker – who knows he doesn’t know – are the three primary guiding lights of his approach. He has been teaching as a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher for over a decade and offers many workshops, immersions and courses. He is an initiate of ‘The Path of The Great Mother and the Four Elements’ as guided by shaman XamAM Alba Maria – Terra Mirim, Brazil. . He is also a multi-qualified Yoga teacher. His offerings include Wild Soul Mentoring for men, women and couples, Awakening The Wild Man – Shamanic Soul Journeys for Men, Wild Heart Sharing Circles for Men, online courses, and mixed group Awakening The Wild offerings with his wife Aluna; including Cabana Sweat Lodges and other shamanic dynamics and ceremonies, such as Dancing with Death Burial Ceremonies and Nature Vision Immersions. He is deeply inspired by the work of Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute. His soul song manifests through poetry and prose.
“Keef’s a master of guiding these dances, helping me and my fellow dancers edge into the minutiae and the cosmic. I absolutely love these moments, and it’s one of the few things. I have zero doubts about showing up to consistently!” Jon Wiltshire 35, Ecological Communications, UK
“I started my men’s group work journey with Keef, which he held with so much compassion, integrity, wisdom, and humour. He’s big into getting people back in their bodies and dancing, as am I. It’s good shit. I also did a 5-week shamanic soul-retrieval process with him. I was amazed by how it was almost the perfect synthesis of many things I’d been studying – Jungian psychology, IFS parts work, trauma theory, etc. All wrapped up into a neat symbolic package. And again, he held it so well – it very much felt like I was in safe hands. I highly recommend Keef and his work.” Liam, Psychedelic Guide, UK
In our ongoing effort to offer Movement Medicine to peoples with varying financial realities, we will be offering a number of tuition assisted spaces. If you would like to receive an application please contact the Organizer. All information will be held in complete confidence.
* We request that you minimize exposure to viruses before this gathering. If you have come into contact with anyone who is sick please test yourself before arriving. Let the Organizers know.
* We will need you to commit to attend the entire weekend to the best of your ability so that we can depend on a safe and stable container — and others in your small groups can depend on your presence. We are all important in this practice – each of us is an important element of this constellation.
* The Power of Love is accredited and applicable to Movement Medicine hours (14) if you decide to pursue this practice more deeply in the future.
* Registration is now open. We have limited space. First come first served. Please register early if you are called to join this gathering.
* If you have a question please contact Julia at 647 709-9642.
* What to wear, bring, how to prepare. This will be covered in your confirmation emails and in subsequent communications.
We will need you to agree to the following to participate in The Power of Love.
* Participation is fully at the risk and choice of participants.
* It is each person’s responsibility to look after their physical, emotional and mental well being.
* Listen to your own body. If something hurts, pay attention and take care of yourself.
* All participants are asked to move at their own pace and to take care of themselves on all levels. Keef Wesolowski-Miles, Julia Ray and all people connected to Ecstatic Dance Toronto and Movement Medicine can take no responsibility for injury you sustain as a result of participating in this weekend intensive.
* If my physical condition is restricted in any way, I can and will monitor my own level of movement and activity so that I remain within what is appropriate for my body
* I understand that this course may bring emotions to the surface.
* Organizers agree to only use your name and email address for Ecstatic Dance Toronto and Movement Medicine events and updates.
Cancellation Policy (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)
A full refund, less a $50 processing fee, will be issued if notice is received by Jan. 5, 2024.
A full refund, less a $150 processing fee, will be issued if notice is received by Jan. 19 , 2024.
No refund will be issued for cancellations after Jan. 19, 2024.
*If you are cancelling your place in the workshop at any time due to testing positive for COVID, or a known exposure to COVID, then we will offer you a refund for your workshop fees less a $50 processing fee.
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