This week’s Dance First Insight is from Banafsheh & Dance of Oneness!

“If you ponder deeply, you will see that only dance allows us to truly experience the interconnectedness of the universe in our flesh and bones, and no other practice can be as powerful a conduit for accessing and experiencing the sacred directly.”
– Banafsheh

Dance of Oneness® is a path to radiant embodiment through sacred dance and conscious movement. It provides a blueprint to becoming a channel for light and love in the world.

Dance of Oneness® aligns your body, heart, and mind with your soul’s purpose. It helps you uncover your authentic self while bringing you into rhythm and harmony with others. It is training to become fully human.

We dance to embody joy and activate the power and the resilience to not only survive and endure our individual and collective challenges but to thrive. Dance of Oneness® calls you to become a radiant, divine human who can help heal our fragmented world.

Suitable for all ages and bodies, Dance of Oneness® is for people who love to dance and move to fully embody themselves, including but not limited to dancers, dance teachers, yoga and other movement teachers and artists of all kinds.

Open the gateways of Love in your body through feminine grace, power and pure joy!

Dance of Oneness fuses 3 important dimensions on the path to radiant embodiment:

1. Embody through Guided Dance and Free-style Movement:

Dance of Oneness® is a path of embodied spirituality. You will learn the secrets of sacred dance and conscious movement to unleash your creativity, awaken the divine feminine and empower yourself. This modality draws inspiration from several styles of dance and movement that can bring you into wholeness:

  • The fire of Flamenco
  • The fluidity of Tai Chi
  • The ethereal sensuality and grace of Persian Dance
  • The communal joy and sense of belonging of Middle Eastern Tribal Dances
  • The precision and focus of the Gurdjieff Movements
  • Fused together in the alchemical crucible of Sama (whirling) and Trance, where you surrender everything to the One.

Each Dance of Oneness® experience is a balance of guided dance and free-style movement.

2. Evolve through Wisdom Teachings

All universal teachings are meant to be embodied. If you can’t verify a teaching through your lived experience, it’s not real! The second dimension of Dance of Oneness® draws on ancient wisdom, mysticism and science across a few schools of thought:

  • The Sufi Path lays out the path to living love in the world
  • Divine Feminine Wisdom awakens and nourishes the feminine energy in ourselves and the world
  • The Taoist tradition locates the sacred within the body
  • The New Physics explains the interconnectedness of all that is

These teachings provide the basis for living in a more fulfilled, loving, compassionate, and purposeful way.

3. Integrate through Healing Modalities

Dance is medicine. In the third dimension of Dance of Oneness®, Banafsheh brings her expertise as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist to the dance practice incorporating an understanding of meridians, acupoints, and Chakras. Dance becomes more than just physical fitness. It’s healing powers rejuvenate and regenerate, dissolving the barriers we have constructed against love. As you activate your Chakras and move with the awareness of your energy anatomy and neuroscience, you come into balance. When you dance to heal yourself, you also generate healing energy for the world.

To learn more, check out Dance of Oneness!