This week’s Dance First Insight is on the Conscious Dance Festival, this October in Berlin!

The CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL® was born from the desire to use movement as a way of reaching into the very centre of our being. It’s an opportunity to get to know and to experience different movement practices that help you to get into your body and, from there, to open up towards a more conscious life.

By dancing freely and totally, you allow yourself to release physical and emotional tensions in a playful and simple way. This creates space for creativity, silence, joy and deep connection to oneself and to life.

This festival presents a carefully curated program featuring some of the many approaches to conscious movement that have emerged over recent decades, as well as a hint of the more traditional ones. Through a series of workshops offered by a group of innovative and experienced facilitators, the CONSCIOUS DANCE FESTIVAL® is designed as a two-day experience that will take you on a profound inner journey.

Here’s what participants from previous festivals have said:

“Almost two hours of eternal whirling…Berlin is a rather tough city. But the festival was the opposite. Warmth, spirituality, warm music, close dances, tender hearts.” Pedro Burruezo

“I feel deeply gratitude for that weekend. It was stunning to dance with all the people, feel so much emotions by dancing, getting into flow out of mind, even if it was just for seconds. There were a few moments of body mind blowing, what it means to dance with myself. A new level of self consciousness.” Constance Künzel

“I feel soft, a strong connection and a detox inside of my body after both days. After the first day a lot of struggles came up and I felt shaky and sad. This energy was cleaned by the second day. It was amazing! Thanks for this journey.” Lilith Roessler

“The best experience I had last year was at the Conscious Dance Festival: great organisation behind high level dancers, teachers, movement lovers who guided us –100+ people– through the discovery and managing of our energy.” Maria Vittoria Caputo

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