This week’s Dance First Spotlight is on Sofiah Thom and the Temple Body Arts Mystery School – Happening Virtually TOMORROW!

We are dancing along an evolutionary path of remembrance as the world around us continues to shift and change, calling us to rise.

So many of us have found ourselves in recent years, no longer comfortable in the lives we’ve created, yearning and seeking more depth, connection, expression, and meaning.

Each seeker moves to the beat of their drum, dancing to feel at home in their body and the world around them- Our Dance is sacred and has the power to help us both heal and transform not only ourselves but the entire collective.

Within your Temple Body, you hold the keys to liberate, activate and RISE into your sovereign creative power.
After a three-decade-long journey exploring how to live as a modern-day Temple Dancer and Dakini, I have always found refuge in my Dance.

Each breath, step, and movement sinks me deeper into the eternal now- Giving me the space within myself to express and move through my body what words cannot- transmuting, shifting, and healing my most profound grief while simultaneously embracing pleasure.

My greatest lessons came after studying Dance Therapy at Naropa University. As my sexual and sensual nature came to life, I craved a more integrative way to LIVE my life with the same passion, intention, and creativity as I did when I danced.

This desire for more authentic expression led me to study Tantric Yoga and Temple Dance in India, continuing to lay the foundations for what I teach inside my Temple Body Arts Mystery School.

Conscious Dance is far more than just movement; it IS a movement.

A revolution for the Divine to move through us asks us to surrender and trust our innate wisdom. In a world that would try to keep us full of doubt, fear, and insecurity self-conscious, Dance liberates us.

Can you surrender to the Dance of life and trust your body’s desire in how it wishes to move through the world?

Can you expand your capacity for joy, love, and pleasure by opening yourself wider to receive all the universe has in store for you?

I invite you to Dance with me in awakening, healing, transforming, and rising together.

Dance to remember the truth of who you are.

Dance to let go of all that no longer serves you.

Dance to liberate yourself as the Dakini, Yogini, and Tantrika that you are- Empowering yourself to reconnect with your sacred sensuality, creative expression, and spirituality.

Join us tomorrow, August 2nd, for an all-day immersive retreat and ceremony happening LIVE from Danyasa Eco-Retreat here in Costa Rica.Tuesday August 2nd, 202210- 4 pm PT When you sign up for the day, you also get to bring a sister for free… so come and Activate this deep remembrance of your Divine Purpose in Community and the Dance.

Sofiah ThomFounder of Temple Body Arts Mystery School, Co-Founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat and Envision Festival