This week’s Dance First Insight is from Azul & Dancers Awakening Love!

Have you heard about the OneDanceTribe or Dancers Awakening Love events? If you haven’t attended one of these extravaganzas in the past, maybe you have heard about the magic that happens there and feel drawn to experience it.

There is definitely a special quality to them!

Part of the magic is simply manifesting from the motion of coming together in diversity, overcoming issues of scarcity and separation and joining in the current of abundance and collaboration. And part of it is springing from the fantastic mix of an experienced faculty of different schools and lineages, who contribute their mastery and offer it from their hearts with the intention of building a unified field.

We forge an energy that allows each participant to shine brightly by weaving a tapestry of movement and exchanges throughout the event. Together, we manifest a beautiful living art piece and experience an elevated state of synergistic connection. 

I personally love this event because I get to co-create with friends and colleagues and witness the birth of something that is not just my own expression, but the multifaceted result of our combined efforts. In fact, faculty and participants experience a true co-creative collaborative state. And I want you to have a chance to live that.

We spend ten extraordinary days at the Sonnenstrahl Center in Kisslegg, Germany …  Six in the OneDanceTribe event July 1-6 with four in the Dancers Awakening Love Retreat July 7 -10. You can come to one or the other or both!

Check it out…

Magic really is the best word to describe what happens, and there is nothing but experiencing it to understand it. So, I invite you to consider joining in the co-creation and be one of the amazing people that converge to Kisslegg from several countries to connect into one fabric of love.

This year’s amazing faculty includes Zero One founder Adam Barley, Moves into Consciousness founder Alain Allard, Dance with Life founder Cyrille Chantereau, Soulmotion senior faculty Edgar Spieker, 5Rhythms veteran Amala Petra Storm, Open Floor co-founder Cathy Ryan and Wave Continuum creator Eva Geueke and Azul founder – Amara Pagano!

We invite you to be a part of creating the magic!

Love Amara & Paolo