This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Kumu Karyne Daniels, founder of Sacred Dance Path.

Dear Dancers,

As we move into 2021, let us gather the wisdom we have gleaned from 2020 and convert it into movement that moves. Push past mountains, walls, restrictions, fears, darkness, and all that no longer serves, so we truly can DANCE from our MANA.

Mana: Divine power, miraculous power, authority, anointing; influence; life energy that flows through all things and humans, which may be gained or lost with everything you do, think, or speak.

“MANA” is inherent to the Hawaiians, yet we ALL have an innate sense of MANA. When we dance sacredly and consciously, we hone our MANA to penetrate and affect the other areas of our lives. Your MANA manifests within your calling, assignment, and purpose. For our MANA to permeate, we must show up and SHINE (while wearing a mask :). Likewise, we must be sensitive and empathetic to those who really have suffered this past year – the same folks that we must dance for.

“Mana has dynamic movement. It can both emanate from one’s genealogy and be built or layered over time through conscious effort. Mana is an essence or energy and an entity in its own right. Mana can be spiritual, intellectual, or physical; it powers and empowers.”
~ Mana Lahui Kanaka

In my upcoming program, Mana In Motion, we will dance deep into stirring up our MANA through Hula and Tahitian dance. Interpretive, emotive, and demonstrative, this sacred dance is all-encompassing: mind, body, soul, and Spirit. Enveloped by glorious Hawaiian music and the fire of the Tahitian drumbeat, your MANA will tune up and radiate! Read more about this one of a kind program for women here:

Whatever dance modality you lean toward, let your MANA lead you in; let your MANA pray through you; and above all, let your MANA be MANA for others.

“The Path Is Sacred, And So Are You”

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