This week’s Dance First Member Spotlight is from Sofiah Thom, Creator and CEO of the Temple Body Arts™ School for Embodied Feminine Leadership!

Dear Conscious Dancer Tribe,

As we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, let us honor how far we have come – and celebrate the history we are creating right now! It is time for women to come together and dance a new story into being through our collective power and intentions. I stand for all women to create their life sourced from their unique essence and to live from a place of empowered pleasure!

I believe that each of us possesses a divine creative spark that simply needs nurturing to create a life inspired by our unique essence. As women, we hold the creative power within our Temple Bodies. Now, as the Divine Feminine is rising, it is time for us to stand up as leaders to ignite our creative sparks and birth our world anew.

A woman empowered in her pleasure is unstoppable. She is unshakable. She knows with full clarity what she desires and magnetically attracts it to her. I am devoted to supporting women who feel the call to rise as Embodied Feminine Leaders to fully own their feminine power. Together we are birthing and dancing a new paradigm. This new paradigm is rooted in love and guided by grace.

To birth this new world, we must honor the masculine and the feminine and come into balance – both within ourselves and on the planet. By dancing in new ways, exploring new ways of thinking and being, and creating new pathways within our Temple Bodies, we can gradually rewire our brains and build the courage to carve a new path.

This past year, during the pandemic, I have chosen to focus on the gifts presented to us through the global pause and create more ways to be of service to guide us in navigating these unprecedented times. I have taken my dance and embodiment work online entirely. As a result, I have received the gifts of gathering with hundreds of women globally at this time.

As a Temple Body Priestess and Spiritual Midwife, I truly believe it is time for all women to remember their power and reclaim their sovereignty! And I am here to show you the way. I want to invite you to my only public training this year, which happens over the full moon, March 26 through 28. I am hosting Temple Body ACTIVATION, a three-day virtual training for feminine leaders.

Do you feel the call to rise in leadership? Are you ready to activate your purpose through pleasure? Do you desire to create sustainable wealth and divine impact here on this planet now? Come and dance with us and rise with us in leadership!

March 26-28
Virtual Training for Feminine Leaders

Activate your Temple Body on a Journey of Sacred Embodiment, Expressive Arts, Sexual Sovereignty, Creative Power, and Mysticism. Connect, Share, & Network with sisters Rising!

Uncover Your Purpose & Express Your Signature Soul Essence So You Stand Out to the right Divine Clients you’re Meant to Serve.

Transform Your Relationship to Money. Clear Old Programming so you can Open & Receive More.

Experience a Magnetic Visibility Breakthrough to Show-up with Confidence & Radiance.

Recognize the Wealth of Your Gifts & Claim Your Innate Value Finally Charge What Your Worth, Step into a New and Aligned Career Path, and Drop the Double-Life.

Discover the Power of the Temple Body Arts Guiding Compass to stay aligned with your Purpose & Envision Fulfillment!

Learn my Pleasure Path to SUCCESS ~ A New Way to Manifest Your Vision with More Joy & Avoid the Burnout.

I’ll even Reveal my ‘Secret Monetize Your Gifts’ Star Map & Together We Will Map out Your Path to Prosperity & Sustainable Wealth!

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Learn more and sign up here!