Moving into a Higher Frequency by Amara Pagano

I wonder if you have been feeling an acceleration of growth – or challenges – in your life in this past year, as a result of Covid …I know many of us have, but I am wondering if there is more.

Are you feeling nudged to grow? Are you being asked to do – or be – something that is new for you?

For the most part, I have the sense that something new and beautiful is emerging in our lives and our world.  But, in the process, I often have a feeling of being squeezed, when what is getting ready to shift comes into the light of awareness. Ultimately, I have come to recognize that the squeeze is a good sign that something new is rising…

Maybe you are like me. I am a Taurus – a fixed sign – so, as much as I want to awaken, I also have a part that is fixed to what I know. And that part is being challenged lately by the quantum changes that are happening inside and all around me. Can you relate?

Moving into a higher frequency is not all smooth sailing. We are all acclimating to a new way, and this may take some time and the process needs support.

This is why I love to dance. It provides a space for me to feel what is happening and move with and through it with greater ease.

The work we all do on the dance floor supports us to align to the higher frequency we are being invited into. Dance is our vehicle to gracefully receive the universal nudge that is helping us land into a new way of living and being with each other on this planet.

We are traveling together on an upward spiral of growth and evolution. No matter how dark it can appear we are being showered with light.

At Azul, we recently introduced a new Membership Site, a project we have been cultivating with the intention of providing an opportunity to stay connected to the dance and to a growing global community of people using conscious dance as a path of awakening love. If you are curious about it, I invite you to check it out for a two week free trial .

The next opportunity for us to dance together will be the four-day online  Embodiment Training, April 3-6. In this Training we will explore the Map of Azul in its entirety, while moving through the Azul Spiral and receiving the transmission of Azul to support your embodiment and joy in life.

I hold embodiment as the ability to attain mind-body-heart and soul connection and believe that the more embodied we become, the easier will be to align to the higher frequencies that are becoming available to us,

May you feel supported in this journey into the new.

May your soul understand its purpose in this lifetime.

May the portal of your heart open …

Love, Amara


Amara Pagano, creator of the Azul conscious dance practice, has been teaching movement as a spiritual practice for over 25 years.

She facilitates and trains others to create psycho-spiritual movement experiences as a path of personal transformation and a journey of awakening love. 

With her husband Paolo, she founded the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe that produces events featuring teachers of different modalities for the purpose of creating a unified and collaborative field. In 2019 OneDanceTribe hosted the first online Conscious Dance Conference.  

As a leader in the world of conscious movement, Amara is forging a path for its continued evolution. Through her work with Azul she is elevating the psycho-spiritual aspect of conscious movement and redefining the work we do on the dance floor as a path of awakening consciousness.