Have you ever had a belief shift? Made a fundamental change in the way you approach something? It seems that in order to function in the world we need to have many of our systems on autopilot, yet when we’ve got a faulty program in place, (to use the computer metaphor) we find ourselves repeating patterns that don’t serve us.

Sometimes our programming is ingrained at a level so deep, we don’t even know it’s there. When it comes to the way we do things like handling money, dealing with relationships, or taking care of our bodies, we’re often using long forgotten beliefs and ideas that we picked up early in life as our subconscious reference points.

For me, it was the belief that help was ‘out there’ and that no matter what sort of a pickle I would get myself into, particularly financially, that there was always someone, somewhere who was going to come along and bail me out. Needless to say, that way of operating had it’s downsides, and I would find myself at the bottom of the cycle wondering “How did I get here again?”

It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that I made the decision to delve deeper into my default patterns and see where I could make some fundamental shifts. Fortunately for me, a different kind of help came along, in the form of a person named Evangelos Diavolitsis.

Evangelos is a money coach and 5Rhythms facilitator based in Calgary, Canada. He’s also a Conscious Dancer fan and member of Dance First, featured in today’s spotlight below. We spent several months meeting online every other week. I learned about the various money archetypes that people embody, and worked through deconstructing my blind spots and shining light on my shadows.

The upshot of our work together was that at a certain point, I could feel that I had made a shift, and that my new belief is that I can help myself do anything I want, and that no longer am I looking ‘outside myself’ to be bailed out or rescued. My life has become simpler, and the ups and downs are smoothing out as I make choices from a place of personal empowerment rather than unconscious reaction.

The moral of the story is that whenever we have a shadow or a blind spot that’s been with us so long that we can’t even see it anymore, it’s worth enlisting someone else who can offer perspective and help us see a new point of view. Core beliefs are tricky, they require more than just an intellectual exercise to shift.

I’ve been fortunate to know a number of wonderful people who’ve illuminated my path, besides my more recent work with Evangelos I’d like to give a shout out to Laura Cirolia, who besides being our long-time Creative Director here at Conscious Dancer, (and more recently appearing as DJ Lolly at Dance Jam) is also renowned for her signature consciousness raising process, the Reset Meditation. Her work takes a subtle approach to belief shifting by guiding you towards the questions that allow you to make better choices.

I once was asked to define ‘conscious dance’, the term that I coined back in the mid-’00’s. My answer is “Movement with an intention towards greater awareness.” I believe that holding that intention for greater awareness in all areas of life is important, and that dance and movement are one of the many facets that we can use to shine on the great disco ball of life. Polishing our light with a variety of tools and practices is a way to burn ever brighter.

Much love till next week!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight: Evangelos Diavolitsis – Meditation Moves & Money Evolution 

Meditation Moves & Money Evolution

Today’s spotlight is on Evangelos Diavolitsis, the money coach, 5Rhythms facilitator, and founder of Meditation Moves based in Calgary, Canada I mentioned in my article above. He’s also the founder of Money Evolution, his company dedicated to empowering healthy relationships to financial abundance. Some of you may know him from 5Rhythms circles, he is a well-loved member of the community, teaching and collaborating in many parts of the world.

He’s offering a unique and rare workshop in Los Angeles on March 3-5 called Dancing into Prosperous Abundance that combines his money archetype methodology with dance and the 5Rhythms. Each archetype, from the Victim, the Innocent, the Warrior, the Martyr, the Fool, the Artist, the Tyrant and the Magician all have signature movements and ways of embodiment inherent to them.

By learning how to dance the rhythms of abundance you will make a profound shift in your relationship to money. This is his first time teaching in Southern California, and the workshop is being produced by Jo Cobbett at the Culver City Masonic Lodge, where Jo hosts her weekly Fumbling Towards Ecstasy dance.

Make plans to attend and tell your friends in Southern California about this unique opportunity to empower yourself into abundance. You can attend the entire weekend, or just drop in for the open workshop/dance on Friday night.

And coming up on May 19-25 you can join Evangelos and co-facilitator Taeji for a 5Rhythms retreat in Paros, Greece. “Ataraxía” is a Greek word meaning “ongoing, stable, contentedness. Uncontrived, spontaneous, it is the embodiment of “enough.” Happening at the world-renowned Okreblue Seaside Retreat, this is your opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean in the company of conscious dancers from all over the world.

Thank you Evangelos! You’re doing great things in the world and making waves of positivity and transformation everywhere you go! Keep up the good work!

Meditation Moves website

Money Evolution website

Dancing into Prosperous Abundance: a 5Rhythms Movement Weekend w/ Evangelos Diavolitsis in L.A.
March 3-5, Culver City, CA

Ataraxía – A 5Rhythms Movement Retreat with Taeji and Evangelos
May 19 – 25, Okreblue Seaside Retreat, Paros, Greece