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Body Heart Sound – Movement Medicine weekend with Rosie Perks in Frankfurt, Germany

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BODY HEART SOUND is an opportunity to rememeber that the awake, moving body is a strong, safe and versatile vessel for the heart. Inviting permission and acceptance of all we are and all we find there, shadow and light. Remembering that our hearts, like the earth, have many weather patterns and an innate ability to [...]

Phoenix Retreat – Movement Medicine intensive with Ya’Acov Darling Khan in Czech Republic

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The 6-day Phoenix Retreat is designed to catalyse you into a new level of awareness, enabling you to assume responsibility for and commitment to living your life in alignment with your deepest purpose. It is also a gateway for those who wish to take part in our Apprenticeship Programme. As we develop, life provides us [...]

The Alchemy of Healing – Movement Medicine weekend with Susannah Darling Khan in Aarau, Switzerland

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The Alchemy of Healing empowers each of us to remember the power of our own welcoming hearts together with our own curious, explorative, wild, free and tender natures. It is the nature of all that lives to grow with the seasons, to learn, to heal and to support and be supported. And this nature is [...]

The Wisdom of Truth – Movement Medicine weekend with Ben Yeger in Hasselt, Belgium

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On this weekend journey we will explore: What is true right now and how can we move with this truth. How to share our truth with others and tell our stories with authenticity. How speaking the truth that lives in our heart and sharing our personal story with others activates us to participate in changing our [...]

For the Love of Life – Movement Medicine weekend with David Mooney in Berlin, Germany

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In this workshop you will have the opportunity to bring attention, creativity and the medicine of movement to the connections in your life. The subtle, strong and clear practices of Movement Medicine can deepen and enliven existing connections and create the conditions to explore new ways to be in relationship with life on all levels. What [...]

For All Our Relation – Movement Medicine Tour in Japan

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Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, founders of the Schoolo of Movement Medicine, will offer a serie of events this September all over Japan. Weekend workshops, residentials, drop-in classes and private sessions. Check out the school's calendar for details. MM Founder Susannah&Ya’Acov Darlingkhan Japan Tour “For All Our Relations” **12th Thursday  Evening Talk [...]

Chamonix Yoga Festival

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Chamonix Yoga Festival presents 3-days of globally-recognized yoga teachers and wellness practitioners sharing their passion of a path to well-being. Yoga is a Sanskrit word of Hindu origin which translates to 'Union'. Of course it usually would be interpreted as being in a state of union in which our physical and mental being are aligned, unified, [...]

Vibrance: Retreat & Teacher Training

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Running up to the Chamonix Yoga Festival, we invite you to join us in France for this week-long Teacher Immersion. Whether you're new to Vibrance or already trained or experienced, this program offers a range of educational experiences to keep you living a vibrant life! We highly recommend a dose of Vibrance as your medicine for [...]

Am I Safe To Be Beautiful?

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As I moved into the center of the circle, with my witness watching, without thinking, I began caressing my wrists together, feeling the softness of my skin. Letting my wrists move to glide along my inner arms, luxuriating in the beautiful feeling of my skin on this part of my body.

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