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Best described as “pure joy in motion”, Jennifer Joy Jimenez is a leader in the fields of personal
development, health & wellbeing, and conscious movement and dance. She has been featured
alongside some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders, including Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou,
Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few. Her life-enhancing
programs and products can be found in Self Magazine, NBC News, Oxygen, Woman’s World, and more.
Jennifer is the founder of the Health and Wellbeing Division for The Brave Thinking Institute, and the
creator of multiple programs including the transformational movement modality – TRANSCENDANCE™,
where she helps people worldwide achieve greater levels of mind-body connection, health, vitality, joy,
and life fulfillment. https://www.bravethinkinginstitute.com/health-wellbeing

Experience TRANSCENDANCE™ Virtually
from the comfort of your own home!
The TRANSCENDANCE™ Body-Vitality Program
is a powerful 60-minute movement practice taught in
Five Powerful Online Teaching Videos

TRANSCENDANCE™ is based in authentic movement as a transformational and
healing art. It’s a powerful blend of; relaxing stretching, deep-breathing, fun free-
form movement and conscious dance, positive-creative visualization, energy healing,
embodiment coaching, and life empowerment.
CLICK HERE: http://www.transcendanceonline.com/dancenow/
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