Golden Bridge
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Golden Bridge is dedicated to Birthing a Generation of
Globally Conscious ~ Embodied ~ Spiritual Leaders
Through the arts of body, heart, and soul, we support individuals and communities as they repair and move into collaborative service and leadership. Our leaders are empowered to move into the world from a place of deep kinesthetic connection with themselves, their people, with the earth, and with all of life, seen and unseen. At the foundation of all of our programs is somatic, dance-based processes that educate people about how to renegotiate trauma and shock in the body; how to express oneself in radically authentic and life serving ways; and how to access one’s vision, one’s will, and ultimately one’s capacity to practically develop and implement one’s creative work in the world. Our work around the world involves body-centered events, workshops, and trainings that invite individuals, groups, and communities into an intimate and direct dialogue with their challenges and ultimately their gifts.

Our work is dedicated to our Collective Renewal
through the Liberation of the Creative Spirit.
It has been developed to provide humanity with inner and interpersonal resources to meet the complexities of an ever-changing world.

And …
It is a living process that is somatic at its root, fueled by the warmth of the heart, and Sourced by the Spirit.

Please join us for this …
Moving journey from the longing of the Spirit to the Ecstasy of the ordinary.
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