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Caroline Kleindienst, MA, RSMT is a registered somatic movement therapist, expressive arts practitioner, and artist living on Maui, Hawaii.

Caroline uses various healing modalities to gain a deeper relationship to your body, discover your true self, and open your life to new possibilities for passion, purpose, and love.

Somatic Movement Therapy: (from the Greek soma: through the body) includes tools of working with movement, stillness, breath, and sound to help you to connect to the here and now, and return to the body and the self. It helps to offer nourishment, restore safety and belonging, relieves anxiety, and reduce trauma and tension stored in the nervous system.

Expressive Arts: offers a very powerful dialogue between movement, drawing, and creative writing. This approach gives you the possibility of letting unconscious material arise and come into consciousness past the barrier of our rational world views. Through this process life themes and challenges can be identified, confronted, and released in a creative way so change and growth can happen.
Family Constellations: accesses the most nourishing, meaningful and difficult dynamics in our family ancestry. By honoring ancestral consciousness, we can heal deep-seated trauma and clear energy blocks within ourselves and our ancestral lineage.

Eco-Somatics and Nature-Based Expressive Arts: by integrating our individual body to the broader community and the larger planetary body of the earth clients can find life-giving support that is often neglected in our industrialized culture

Embodied Mindfulness Meditation: a somatic approach to traditional contemplative sitting practices, focuses on breath, alignment, stillness, and movement. Embodied Mindfulness is informed by Eastern contemplative traditions, Western contemporary somatic approaches, as well as evolving research in the field of neuroscience and trauma studies.

Indigenous Sound/Movement Integration: supports clients to focus on the dialogue within their indigenous souls. Through holding space for personal rituals, and ceremonies, I invite my clients to look deeper at themselves and their environment and bring more sacredness into their lives.

Somatic Healing Arts offers custom designed personal retreats on Maui, Hawaii. Personal retreats are available in English and German and include somatic movement therapy sessions, expressive arts, coaching, meditations, energy work, ancestral healing sessions, excursions to ancient Hawaiian sites, encounters with sea turtles, dolphins, or whales, and ceremonies.

Caroline lives on Maui, Hawaii, and works with individuals and groups, in person, and online via Skype. Her work makes the awareness of the body applicable to healthcare, education, and the expressive arts.
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Maui, Hawaii