“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” 

Albert Einstein

It’s the dawn of 2018! Have you ever taken a look back on New Years and wondered why some of the things you were hoping to make happen didn’t manifest? Are you wary of making ‘resolutions’ because they don’t always stick? Do you wish there was a more foolproof way of creating change for the better?

Everyone wrestles with this, you are definitely not alone. Consciousness is a funny thing, some of us effortlessly upshift with ease, while others inexplicably stay stuck in less-than-loving loops year after year.

The thing to remember is that it’s a process, and life thrives on long odds. We’ve all heard the old saw about insanity commonly attributed to Einstein in the quote above. If things aren’t evolving in your life the way you want, maybe it’s time to adjust the process?

Making your head spin with thoughts like “I want that!” or “I wish this would change!” is generally an exercise in futility. And resolutions that rely solely on willpower often don’t have the juice required to make them stick.

This year is a great time to try a different approach. Here’s a couple of little verbal and written experiments you can try to shift things up for yourself in the new year and years to come.

If you like to write, (and even if longhand journaling on paper is not your thing, committing characters on a keyboard to a text file can work just as well), the game is to put yourself in the future, looking back with gratitude at what you’ve accomplished or called in.

The format can be something like: “Now that _______ (person, goal, etc) is here with me I’m really appreciating the way I feel when _____ or _____ or _____ happens.”

The point is to go into detail in a way that puts you into the feeling space of having or achieving whatever you are creating or whoever it is that you are asking the universe to provide to you.

Verbally you can say something to the effect of “I’m so happy and grateful now that _______ is here…” and again really try to play with the feelings in your mind of already having it in the present moment.

It’s a good idea to get warmed up by wrapping that phrase around a few of the things you currently do have gratitude for or people you currently are thankful for as a way of harmonizing your feeling capacity.

It might seem kind of woo-woo, and I’m not going to kid you and guarantee a magical spell that instantly works on all occasions. But various pieces of this practice have born fruit in my life enough times that I can tell you it’s worth it.

Having examined my mindset and internal state before and after transformations made in this way, I finally put my finger on what makes it work. It’s a shift in the internal energy that creates a sort of magnetism that the universe seems to listen to.

Once the goal or desire or relationship has been clearly spelled out in present moment detail in the spirit of gratitude, the internal dialog shifts and a kind of calmness ensues.

Instead of the head spinning thoughts of “How?” “Where?” “When?” and “Why not?” you start to have a calm knowing that whatever or whoever it is is on the way. And once your mind stops racing around looking, and starts knowing that it’s coming, doors start to open and circumstances seem to conspire to make it happen.

I’m stepping into 2018 full of confidence, joy, and gratitude for this amazing world and delightful life that I get to design and live in. (and listen and dance to, there’s a lot of great records out there waiting to join my collection!) I know that you’ve got a wonderful world around you, full of opportunity, joy, and fun!

Let this be the year where you can fearlessly edit out that which is not serving you or those who may be bringing you down. May you focus your kindness and loving energy on that which uplifts you and the people, places, and things that serve your highest good.

Let’s dance our way into this exciting New Year of 2018 with high vibes and happy hearts! We get to Be Here Now and this is really the greatest place to be!

Much love and see you next week!


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine