“Carpe diem (seize the day)”


Happy Labor Day to my friends in the USA, and happy Monday to the rest of you! Do you ever have one of those moments where you notice something has slipped through your fingers? Have you ever missed an opportunity and then questioned yourself afterwards? Would you like to cultivate more presence in your life so that it’s easier to manifest your dreams?

Every time a door closes, another one opens up. Energy spent lamenting Lost horizons is totally wasted. But if you can use your near misses to sharpen your presence moving forward then you can continue to evolve and create your vision.

When writing about his adventures with the Mazatec shaman don Juan in the book Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Casteneda had this to say about the power and path of synchronicity.

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.”

Sometimes things are happening right under our nose, and we take them for granted and fail to recognize the value. We all have a part of ourselves that likes things just the way we are, and even though our minds might tell us that a shift is worthwhile, our body and soul stays stuck and we remain exactly where we are.

Since you’re reading this right now, you’ve got a unique opportunity in front of you at this very moment. Our very own Laura Cirolia is offering what may well be the last open and publicly accessible ‘Reset Meditation’ tele-sessions tomorrow night.

Her renowned proprietary method of upshifting consciousness and clearing obstacles is soon to morph into an institutional training program, so after ten years of ad hoc availability, this is likely your last chance to simply sit in on a call and experience new levels of presence and well-being.

Perhaps this strikes you as a lucky moment or resonates with you in some way. All you have to do is send Laura an email and she will reply with sliding scale donation information and call-in details. The session is tomorrow night, Tuesday Sept 5th, from 6 to 8 pm Pacific time.

Learning how to self-regulate your micro-biome and enhance your epigenetic state is an invaluable practice. This is especially transformative for anyone involved in the somatic arts or energy medicine, as well as therapists, facilitators, and parents.

Whatever your cup of tea may be, know that by being present and feeling clear, you can move through life with joy and pleasure when you seize the day. When the Roman poet Horace advised us to “pluck the day (as it is ripe)” all the way back in 23 B.C., he meant for us not to ignore the future, but rather to realize that the trust we place upon it is dependent on the action we take today.

May your Monday be bright and full of love!

Until next week,


Mark Metz
Director of the Dance First Association
Publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine

Dance First Member Spotlight – Lucia Horan at OlyWaves

This week’s Dance First member spotlight shines on two of our members, Ronny Temple and the good folks up at OlyWaves who are producing a workshop for community luminary Lucia Horan.

OlyWaves is the umbrella for a dynamic movement community based in Olympia Washington, that has long been one of the hot spots on the conscious dance circuit. Beyond offering weekly kirtan, ecstatic movement, Sweat Your Prayers, sacred meditation classes, and a monthly Tantra Dance Journey, they also produce destination workshops in modalities such as 5Rhythms, Open Floor, and Soul Motion.

Celebrating a community that spans the globe and has been dancing together since 1998, Ronny and the organization he leads are well-known and highly respected in the conscious dance field.

Later this month they are welcoming Dance First member and conscious dance luminary Lucia Horan for ‘The Power of Union” a three-day 5Rhythms moving meditation workshop Sept 22-24.

Lucia Horan was born into the family of 5Rhythms and has been dancing with the late founder Gabrielle Roth and her brother Jonathan Horan throughout her life.

Then coming up just in time to ring in the New Year’s is a four-day5Rhythms gathering with Kate Shela from Dec 29 to Jan 1st. Including a New Year’s eve party and many levels of revelry, this is an event not to be missed!

Sending a big wave of gratitude and goodwill to you and your extended community Ronny! We really appreciate the hard work you put into producing workshops and weekly events, and are happy to help every way we can building awareness and putting you on the map!

Learn more, sign up for the mailing list, check out the Temple Blog, and explore their playlists at OlyWaves.com!

The Power of Union – 5Rhythms with Lucia Horan
Sept 22-24, Olympia, WA

5Rhythms New Year’s Gathering with Kate Shela
Dec 29 – Jan 1, Olympia, WA